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Aurat March Vs. Mard March Debate Edges Real Gender-Based Issues

The recent international women’s day diverted all attention in Pakistan from Indo-Pak tensions to the war of ‘egos’ between men and women. It all began with Aurat March where women in different cities of Pakistan took to streets to protest against patriarchy raising their voices against the social injustices met to them only to end up with huge criticism. Many men in Pakistan who thought that placards at Aurat March were just vulgar and obscene and undermined the issues of men in country are now coming up with Mard March.

And, Here begins the war of egos which is again diverting the attention from real issues arising due to gender inqequality.

What Is This Mard March All About

No, this Mard March is to let the society know oppression that male members face in a conservative society due to their perceived gender roles. But in fact, it seems an attempt to recover from the bruised ego that seems to have suffered after the voices that emerged from “Aurat March“.

And some sane voices are criticizing how ridiculous it is to come up with such slogans instead or realising women repression and giving them due rights.

Men Demanding Rights for Killing Lizards

This girl threw stats in their face how dangerous Pakistan is for women but still these guys are demanding rights for killing lizards.

Folks are questioning why the genuine problems that females are facing have triggered the men same way as these slogans are making them come up with ideas like Mard March.

Does that Mean Men Don’t Face Oppression

It is a fact that Pakistan is a male-dominated society where women have to think twice before stepping out of the home because there is not much acceptance for them in public spaces. Women are also subject to sexual harassment, domestic violence, rape, honor killings etc. but that doesn’t mean men don’t have problems. In our conservative society men are made in charge of women’s honor at the cost of being a breadwinner for them.

The fact that women are the vulnerable faction of society put men in a situation where he has to bear the financial burden of their families which is indeed no so easy and comes up with its own challenges. Further, society also expects men to behave in a certain way on the basis of gender role which is again a gross injustice to them. But, that doesn’t mean that men should invalidate the genuine demands of women by mocking the slogans they have raised. Such a war to recover the bruised ego will simply inflict more societal damage resulting in further domination of oppressed.

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