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Ukrainian Quiz Developers Sued for Stealing Facebook’s User Data

Facebook has sued two Ukrainian quiz developers for stealing Facebook user data. The collected information was intended for target marketing. They also injected their ads rather than Facebook’s approved ads.

Ukrainian Quiz Developers Stealing Data

According to the lawsuit filled the Ukrainian quiz developers, Sluchevsky and Gorbachov tricked users into installing a malicious plugin that allow them to collect Facebook users data along with other nonpublic information regarding them

The quiz developer ran four web application which after being installed directed user to download the malicious browser plugin. Till now plugin has infected 63000 Facebook browsers

And they are suspected of selling 81000 private user messages.

They got themselves registered as Facebook developers in 2016 and 2018 with false names Elena Stelmah and Amanda Pitt which allowed them to use Facebook login feature in their apps. The accounts of both the accused have been suspended.

Facebook is already facing users data collection limitation in Germany.

What Are Facebook Views on the Incident

In a press release, Facebook said that the actions of both Sluchevsky and Gorbachov have done irrefutable damage that it can’t recover from. Furthermore in this case users allowed their own privacy to be compromised so Facebook can’t be held responsible said the tech giant

Facebook is accusing both the Ukrainian quiz developers for violating the computer fraud and abuse act for accessing Facebook data without permission and Breach of contract by misrepresenting themselves as legitimate Facebook developers.

It cost the social media giant 75000 dollars to investigate the breach which has severely damaged the relationship between the user and Facebook. In a similar lawsuit, company sued 4 Chinese companies for selling fake user accounts and activities

 How This May Clear Facebook Name

As both the lawsuits are overseas, the chances of Facebook winning are thin say some experts as some countries don’t have cyber laws and those that do have a lot of loopholes. The filing of these lawsuits are Facebook attempt to regain user trust and prove that it not the one violating their privacy but instead it the hackers who are breaching their privacy and victimizing them

Facebook has assured its user that it will not compromise on their privacy and will do all it can to ensure it  

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