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Aurat March 2019- Rights Women Are Fighting for In Streets of Pakistan

On the eve of International women day, Pakistani women have took to streets to demand their rights and fight against patriarchy. The vibrant Aurat March 2019, taking place in urban centers of the country is giving women a chance to voice their concerns and raise slogans against the gender inequality which is impacting all the factions of society.

Pakistan is a developing country where women are still struggling to make their voices head and get their fair share of public spaces. Let’s have a look at what the women of a country that selected a female Prime Minister twice are demanding from the society.

Aurat March 2019- What Is on Placards

Aurat March 2018 that at one places highlighted issues that women are facing in the world also raised debate on several slogans. Like last year it was a placard with Apna Khana Khud Garam Kro (Do Heat your food yourself) and Mera Jism Meri Marzi (My body my will) that remained a center of discussion on social media for weeks to come.

Some Slogans that Reverberated through Aurat March 2019

While the initiative is indeed significant in letting conservative society of Pakistan realise how its women still lag behind for they can’t meet their full potential due to stereotypes of gender roles, it also raises a huge debate on what are the most important issues that such movements should talk about.

A look at Aurat March 2019 shows that women from different backgrounds are joining hands together to stand against the gender biases.

Equal right for education is also on their agenda.

Women Get Due Representation Irrespective of Background

This speech by sanitation worker is surely a winner for this eve.

And they are demanding Azadi (Independence) from patriarchy.

Even men are standing in solidarity with them.

And, why only women should make chaiy (Tea). Why men can’t. Perhaps this is what this poster wants to say.

Why opinion of people should matter at all when they are not here to pay your bills.

The slogans were not lacking sarcasm in any way.

They just want to feel safe.

Issues that women face due to stereotypes are huge. They can’t be overcome in one single day or with one movement. But, events like Aurat March 2019 do highlight what women and men are suffering because of gender roles.

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