Monday, December 4, 2023
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Netanyahu Gets Mocked for Showing US Map of Israel

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu who is currently going through a political crisis is now being trolled on social media. Netanyahu just boasted about Trump’s map of Israel showing Golan Heights as part of this country.

Golan Heights in the Map of Israel

Golan Heights which was occupied by Israel as a result of the Arab-Israel war of 1967 is the controversial territory. The international community doesn’t recognize it as part of Israel. US President Donald Trump recently sent a map to Benjamin Netanyahu that showed Golan Heights as part of Israel. Trump’s Son-in-law Jared Kushner delivered this map to Netanyahu in Jerusalem. The map had also word Nice written over it by Donald Trump.

Reactions Overs US Map of Israel

Trump’s act of sending of the American version of Israel map with Golan Heights its part is facing strong criticism. James Zogby, the founder of the Arab American Institute called this act of Trump childish and dangerous.

Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) also condemned the change in legal status of Syria’s Golan Heights.

Israel is heading to the second election after Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a coalition. Critics are saying that Trump has autographed the Map of Israel with changed legal status of Golan Heights just to support Bibi.

People are also mocking Netanyahu for the number one beneficiary of the United States’ welfare program.

It seems that map was just an attempt to make Israel’s Prime Minister feel better.

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