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Never Have These Six Things in Your Wallet

We are often obsessed with the things we need to carry along. However, sometimes we are not thinking straight. Sometimes, we over stuff our purses with so many things that we do not require. There are things in your wallet; you should never carry along.

Men – Don’t These Things in Your Wallet

So, what are those six dangerous things in your wallet, you would be better off dropping at home? Let’s find out.

1. Spare Keys

Everyone wants to make sure they are not locked outside of their car of the house. No matter how good this idea may sound, you got to be careful. Imagine, if a mischievous thief can get hands on your wallet, what could happen? So, the thief has the spare keys to get into your house or car with all other valuables you were carrying along.

2. Extra Credit Cards

You should avoid carrying additional credit cards in your wallet. So, why you should not take other credit cards with you? Well, besides anything else, more credit cards mean a mounting debt that you would have to pay back. So, when you only have the cards you need, you do not have to worry about spending extra money. We should not carry additional credit cards, just the ones we require. It does not only increase our debut but also makes it difficult to take them and maintain a record. No one becomes rich by spending their credit cards and accumulating a big loan to pay back.

Never Have These Six Things in Your Wallet

3. Username Password Details

Some people tend to forget about their usernames and passwords of their accounts online. So, they think, it is a great idea to write them on the paper and carry them around. If an evil conceiving hacker sniffs them, you can well imagine the kind of losses you may incur. Therefore, it is important not to keep written usernames and passwords of accounts in your wallet.

4. Your Birth Certificate

One of the other things in your wallet may be your birth certificate. It may sound absurd to some, but yes, some people carry around their birth certificate. So, the most significant threat to bringing your birth certificate is getting impersonated.

5. PIN Numbers

Many people also write their PIN number on the back of their credit card and carry it in their purse. Sometimes, they just write the PIN number on a piece of paper and put that in their wallet. It is one of the most terrible mistakes anyone can commit. Imagine if you lose your purse somewhere, and some person with a malicious intent starts taking out the money from the ATM? Be careful and do not carry around PIN numbers in your purse.

6. Social Security Card

Your social security card is another document that you should keep in a safe place. Do not carry your social security card in your purse. It is one of the things in your wallet that if lost can get you in trouble. Also, avoid writing your social security number on a piece of paper and keeping it in your purse.

Women – Don’t Keep These Things in Your Purse

Here is the list of things that women should consider not carrying along. They can get them in trouble and can cause unwanted problems.

1. Beauty Products

It can be tempting to carry around beauty products with you. However, you have to try and cut down the number of cosmetic supplies that you want. These beauty products will only increase the weight of your luggage. Also, some of these beauty products are very expensive. So, if you lose something, it can cost you a lot of money.

2. Shopping Receipts

A shopping receipt gives a thief the opportunity to steal your identity. However, if the thief has some other documents belonging to you, you can be in big trouble. So, the thief will be able to know where you shop, maybe the amount of money you spend, and how much you earn. A thief armed with this information can efficiently use these receipts to buy products in your name, promising to pay later.

3. Large Face Seeing Mirrors

It is OK to be conscious of how you look, and that does not mean that you cannot keep any mirror. However, a large mirror can cause all sorts of problems. It is prone to drop and break down easily. Also, it takes a lot of space, making it difficult to carry along other items in the purse. Therefore, try to keep a smaller mirror to check how fabulous you look.

Never Have These Six Things in Your Wallet

4. Your Checkbook

Many women do carry their checkbooks with them. If you face a checkbook fraud, it can take you days or even weeks to claim your money back. Therefore, instead of relying on checkbooks for payments, try other alternate methods of payment. However, if you still feel that you must have checks to make payments, you can always write a check in the name of the person to whom you wish to make the payment.

5. Sharp Objects

Sometimes, women tend to take with them sharp objects used for beautification purposes. For example, the nail clippers in the purse can be dangerous for you. They pose a significant danger to you when you put your hand blindly into your bag to find something. Therefore, you must be careful not have sharp objects with you.

6. Laptops

You read that right; some women tend to carry laptops in their handbags. Besides the volume, it is difficult to carry the laptop everywhere with you. It takes a lot of space and becomes difficult to manage. Also, you will need to charge it every once in a while. Therefore, unless you need to carry it, you should not have it with you. One way of avoiding taking a laptop is buying a tablet to do more work on it if feasible.

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