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Right Brain VS Left Brain – How Different Are the Two Sides?

So, what is it all about the right brain vs left brain? Both parts of our mind have functions. There is no such thing as less or more important function. We must remember that each part’s role is essential.

Right Brain VS Left Brain – Functions

Right Brain

The right side of our mind functions more randomly. It does not follow the sequence. It is meant to be random.

Instead of thinking in bits and pieces, the right side thinks holistically. It is not good at remembering in detail about different things. However, it can create a whole from parts of sums. Therefore, it performs an essential part of making sense of the big picture.

The specialization of this part of the mind helps us identify patterns. This part of the mind is not good at following a sequence. However, it can do a tremendous job of processing spatial information. It can handle the non-verbal stimuli.

So, what type of people are dominated by this side in the right brain vs left brain debate? We can take the examples of novelists, poets, musicians, and artists. However, they may not be that good with numbers. It does not mean they are dumb, but they possess creative type of intelligence.

Right Brain VS Left Brain - How Different Are the Two Sides?

Left Brain

Some people are not dominated by their right side of the mind. Instead, their left mind performs extraordinarily. In this right brain vs left brain competition, they can do exceptionally well in academics. However, they sometimes lack in the visualizing ability or the creative side of things.

The left hemisphere is controlling and processing information. People who have a stronger left side have outstanding analytical abilities. They can quickly memorize numbers and crunch large amounts of data. Also, they tend to have a vast vocabulary with considerable attention to detail.

In the overall mind function, the left side of the human mind dominates in routine tasks.  The person tends to follow sequences and lead a disciplined life. Similarly, people with this part of the mind functioning more, are less emotional and lack affection. They are more intended towards logical thinking and like to remain alone. The persons with the mind dominating this side want to set goals, are good at reading directions. They have a particular interest in technical subjects like science and mathematics. Thus, their interests are entirely different from the kids whose right hemisphere works more.

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