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Nike’s New Shoe Design Lands the Brand in Anti-Muslim Controversy

Famous shoe brand Nike is facing controversy for allegedly making shoe soles that have Allah written on it. The company is facing the wrath of Muslims from all over the world for desecrating God and thus humiliating the Muslim sentiments. People are reportedly asking Nike to recall its Air Max line that appears to have incorporated the name Allah in Arabic, within its logo on sole.

Here Is How the Word “Allah” in Arabic Appears on Nike’s Sole

The issue is not with the front view of the shoe pair, that looks perfectly fine. Where the problem begins is the logo which is there on the sole. It is to be noted that the logo appears on the inside of the sole, on its heal part as well as on its outside.

Here is how this logo looks like.

Source: Twitter

The concerned community also started a campaign on website to compel the shoemaking company to recall its Air Max trainers as its design hurt their sentiments. Almost 40,000 people have signed this petition by the time of writing these words. The petition is looking to reach the goal of 50,000 users.

Why Nike Would Do This?

Coming up with such a design that can hurt the sentiments of billions of people is not something that makes sense for Nike; the shoemaking company is famous for introducing a mix of products for various markets on the basis of ethic groups. Nike Hijab for sportswoman that allows athletes to pursue their passion without giving up their attire of choice is an example of how this company continues to bring innovation in order to tap every segment of the market. Still, such an irresponsible logo-design and its placement don’t make sense.

Has The Company Done this Before?

It is not the first controversy of its kind that international shoe brand has faced. A bit of research has revealed that Nike has been spotted several times before for making shoes with controversial logos. Each time, company fits logo that has the word Allah (in Arabic) incorporated into it, in an inappropriate place and then faces the wrath of targeted community.

The controversy seems to have been appeared in several versions.

Here again it clearly shows Allah written in Arabic.

The question still remains there; why the company will involve in such a controversial tactic?

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