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Stars Pay Tribute to Nipsey Hussle at This Year’s BET Awards

It’s only been three months since Nippsy Hussle passed away. Nipsey who was violently gunned down in front of a clothing store had a huge fan following. Many young black men idolized him and inspired to be like him. To honor the rapper’s legacy stars various black artist got to gather to perform his eulogy at the recent BET Awards.

Nipsey Hussle Was A True Leader

Having a troubled childhood and equally troubling teen years, the rapper was well aware of the sufferings of others. He strived to attain a better life while at the same time improving the lives of those around him so that they may live an equally great life.

Despite becoming rich and famous, he refused to leave his home town. He started multiple businesses in his home town and employed local families who were struggling to make ends meet. His songs would always feature inspirational messages advising the youth to stay away from a life of drugs and crime.

Nipsey Hussle vigil had also made news after numerous people were trampled as a result of the stampede.

A Legacy that Will Never Die

Nipsey’s entire family was present at his eulogy. After the tribute ended the family took to the stage to express how touched and honored they were by what the BET’s had done. For many fans, Nipsey’s grandma’s speech was the most heart touching and most remunerable part of the show. 

While giving their speech, Nipsey’s parents got into a bit tussle with each other on the stage, which was very entertaining.

What Did She Say?

His mother gave the most confusing speech of all which people had a hard time understanding. The only thing the crowd understood was thank you after which claps broke out.

Looking at Lauren and the kids without Nipsey brought tears into the eyes of many who felt terrible for them.

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