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Apple’s iPhone 11 Max Is Likely to Be A Disappointment

It seems that Apple is running out of the innovation and ideas; a fact evident from the design of new iPhone 11 Max which is a talk of the town on social media from the last couple of days.

Unique But Not So Classy Design of iPhone 11 Max

Apple might have tried to leave an impression through the design of its new flagship that it is coming with something really innovative, but the design looks so messy and not something that one might expect from this smartphone leader.

Some of the Most Rumored Features of iPhone 11 Max

According to the leaked specs, the phone will have three camera lens configuration along with a flash and a microphone. The three lenses will comprise of one primary camera lens, one wide angle camera lens and one telephoto camera, which will improve image quality and better-augmented reality.

It will have the new iOS 13 as the new operating system which will improve the system integration and overall performance. The phone will include a 7nm process instead of the 5nm processer as it will not be prepared in time but will not reduce functionality.

It is expected to have a 64GB storage which can be extended if required for an additional price. The iPhone max comes in three variants the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 max, and iPhone 11R.

What Is Not So New About iPhone

Users feel that Apple has failed to come up with something really interesting for its new phone once again proving why iPhone is so overrated.

They think that other than the three new camera lenses there is nothing new. It’s the same old body with the same old processing system which is not so appealing. The only new thing about the iPhone 11 max is its new price tag.

Is It A Secured Phone?

Despite Apple’s repeated claims that it has one of the most secure operating systems that are nearly impossible to hack multiple reports have surfaced suggesting the contrary. According to police records, the iPhone and iPad were the hacker’s favorite device to hack.

There are several other scandals like those involving Chinese student who conned Apple into giving them an original iPhone in exchange for iPhone look-alike by exploiting Apples Customer Exchange Policy.

Well, the launch of the iPhone 11 Max is a few months away but the speculations are not going in favor of this phone.

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