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People Are Defending Ukhano After He Got Accused of Sexual Assault

Ukhano, a famous YouTuber of Pakistan has been accused of sexually assaulting a girl, and Pakistanis can’t digest this. Okano’s fans and fellow YouTubers have taken to social media to defend him and examine the evidence that has been presented.

Folks Reaction to Sexual Assault Allegations on Okhano

Omar Khan, also known as Ukhano, is Pakistani YouTuber who is known for his travel vlogs and funny videos. He has worked with some of the best actors in Pakistan and abroad. The controversy regarding his alleged sexual assault began with single social media post of a girl who narrated her experience.

This, not the first time a famous person has been accused of sexual assault or harassment by someone on social media. In most cases of this nature, the accused is innocent, and the accuser is often found guilty of lying just to become famous or make a quick buck.

If It’s True Then Go To The Police

If the girl really did get assaulted by YouTuber, she should have gone to the police with the proof she has posted online and filed a case against him to put such people behind bars. Not going to the police and posting the so-called evidence on social media has decreased the credibility of the claim significantly.

After one girl came forth alleging Umer of sexual assault multiple posts from different users started coming forth claiming that same had happened to them. Upon close examination of the post, it can be clearly determined that every girl posting similar claims has been harassed by somebody who is operating a fake account to fulfill their dirty desires.

For some people, there’s sufficient proof out there, and so everybody supporting Umar should come to their senses. They should realize the fact that their so-called favorite YouTuber is an alleged criminal.

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