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Art Student Shows Pakistan’s Cultural Diversity through Currency Notes

A Pakistani Fine Arts student has redesigned her country’s notes in a way that people would like to paste them on walls rather than buying stuff from them. Rida Mushtaq, a student at Fatima Jinnah University, has tried to show Pakistan’s cultural diversity through currency notes. Her hand-drawn designs which are mesmerizing to watch have given an artistic appeal to the notes.

Currency Reflecting Pakistan’s Cultural Diversity

According to a Pakistani website, Mangobaaz Rida is a 22 years old student who did the project of showing Pakistan’s cultural diversity through currency notes as part of her bachelor’s thesis.

Rida’s brother shared the pictures of hand-drawn notes on Twitter, and the post was indeed a refreshing sight for the eyes. It reflected the colorful culture of Pakistan including tombs, folk music, truck art, remanents of ancient civilizations, snow peaked mountains and breathtaking landscape of the country.

The guy proudly shared more work form his sister. And, it was just astonishing.

Public’s Response to Diversified Currency Notes

Many of the viewers who came across Rida’s brother’s post that showed Pakistan’s cultural diversity through her exclusively designed admired her effort. But not everyone was happy with the idea of removing the picture of Quaid-e-Azam, the founder of Pakistan.

According to the student’s brother, it was all about culture and not about focusing on personalities.

An Indian’s Fascination with the Currency Notes

An Indian also replied to Faisal’s tweet and shared his fascination with currency notes with no images of personalities.

Can the Idea Become Practical

The response of the viewers on the Twitter post shows that they liked the idea of exciting currency note that would represent Pakistan’s diverse culture. But, they wanted an image of country’s founder on it. Even the current notes also show Pakistan’s landscape, buildings, and monuments along with Quaid-e-Azam’s picture but they are not that much elaborate. Therefore, in the future, there is a room for considering a design that appeases all the stakeholders. It would be a good way to celebrate Pakistan’s cultural diversity.

Need of Representing Pakistan through Such Notes

There is no doubt that Pakistan is home to beautiful cultures. It is the place where one of the world’s ancient civilizations used to exist. The country has much more to offer to the international fraternity in the form of its folk music, dance, tasty cuisine, cultural dresses and generous people. Representing all such stuff through the currency notes will be a fantastic idea. It will be just a tribute to all those who make a culturally diverse Pakistan.

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