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What Does It Mean When Your Eye Twitches Repeatedly?

The eye is the most sensitive part of the body .the slightest change in external or internal hormonal level can affect the eyes. An eye twitch is one way our body expresses those changes. Most eye twitches are benign and go away after some time.

 What Are Eye Twitches And Does It Have Any Types?

According to experts, an eye twitch is just an eye spasm that may be caused due to a number of reasons which may be physical or biological. Usually, eye twitches occur on the bottom eyelid. Based on their intensity doctors divide twitches into two categories myokymia and blepharospasm.

  1. Myokymia

This is a common phenomenon and happens to everyone at one point or another in life. Twitches of this kind usually last less than a week and only effects either the upper eyelid or lower eyelid. It’s nothing to worry about, and it can be very bothersome at times.

There is no need to seek medical Treatment for this condition. Making a few lifestyle changes and developing healthy eating habits like reducing sugary food and caffeine is effective in preventing myokymia.

  • Blepharospasm

This is chronic and persistent twitching of the eye which may result in functional blindness. A person feels as if his eyes have become burdensome and clamped shut. In many cases, blepharospasm occurs due to any pain in and around the eye.

Blepharospasm is further categorized into two type’s benign essential blepharospasm and benign fasciculation syndrome.

  1. Benign Essential Blepharospasm

This is the abnormal spasm of the eyelid. It is a type of dystonia, which a group of movement disorders involving uncontrolled tensing of the muscles 

  1. Benign fasciculation syndrome (BFS

This is a neurotically disease characterized by involuntary contraction of voluntary muscles that may be visible under the skin at times.

  The treatment for eye twitches if required is decided on the intensity of the spasm. The Treatment includes may include medication, surgery, Botox, and stress releasing activities.

Different Steps That May Help in stopping Eye Twitches

The following are simple steps anyone can take to stop their eye from twitching.

1.      Massage Your Eye

Lightly circularly massaging your eye may help in reducing or stopping your eye from twitching. The light massaging of the eye relaxes the eye muscles and increases blood flow to the eye which in return strengthens it.

  • Washing Your Eyes With Cold Water

Rinsing your eyes with cold water or whipping your eyes with a wet cloth helps relax your eyes and hence re-energize them and stops eye twitches

  • Squeeze Your Eye

Close your eyes for a full minute as hard as you can without opening them. While keeping them closed squeeze your eyes as harder as you can. This will cause tears to develop in your eyes which will clean and hydrate your eyes.

  • Let Your Eyes Rest

Most of the time when our eyes twitch it’s because of stress or eye strain so closing them and giving them proper rest helps relax every part of the eye

 Can Twitching Be A Symptom Of Other Diseases

According to research it is not necessary that eye twitches alone are symptom or indicator of some disease but when coupled with other symptoms like sudden numbness may be an indication of something serious like a heart attack or Parkinson disease.

So if your eye twitches it’s not a life or death situation just relax and calm down. If the twitching prolongs go to a doctor ASAP.

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