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Fans Console Sarfaraz Ahmed After He Shares Sad Urdu Poetry on Twitter

Captain of the Pakistani cricket team Sarfaraz Ahmed has been routinely criticized for the last three years. The criticism was not limited to his performance but it crossed all boundaries of hate and racism which is the fundamental problem of every society. In the past Pakistanis have used gruesome language against him which has probably landed him in a dramatic state. He expressed his concerns with the public in a URDU poetry which screams emotional meltdown

He is trying to reassure everyone that he is not that bad like everyone thinks he is. This poetic expression of Ahmad’s depressive condition has generated further degrading comments from the public. However, there are also those who may criticize his game but firmly stood by his side. Most of brutal criticism included personal attacks which is not acceptable by even the rigid critics of the captain.

Sarfaraz Ahmed’s tweeted his meltdown at the end of Pakistan vs England third T-Twenty series which Pakistan won.

Even during the series Sarfaraz faced critcism for not performing well and

Sarfaraz Ahmed Receives Brutal Criticism On His Poetry

The emotional post did not mean much for some cricket fans who kept implying that his ability was gradually decreasing. Pakistani team won Champions Trophy in 2017 under the captaincy of Sarfaraz Ahmed. He was also awarded the Sitara-E-Imtiaz which is normally given to a citizen for the highest degree of service to the national interest. Unfortunately, some cricket fans and critiques who demand consistency from the player have victimized him with their opinions, brutal enough to lower morale.

One cricket fan highlighted his inability to respond timely in hitting the stumps while he is wicket keeping. Supporters of Sarfaraz believe that it is not a big deal as even legendary players have occasionally failed to judge the timing behind the wicket.

One critic claimed that no one hates him (which is debatable), they just hate his playing style. He suggested that some racial and national extremists have amplified that people outside Karachi hate Sarfaraz Ahmed. Moreover, he advised the captain to shun his critics with his performance rather than poetry.

People Trying To Console The Fallen Captain

Cricket fans always seemed e divided when Sarfaraz needed support. This time a rather large number of cricket lovers stood behind Sarfaraz and suggested him to use all this hate and let it fuel the fire inside him. They firmly believe that he can improve his game. As far as hateful comments are concerned, they will never stop as this user explained with an example

Besides few cricket fans, journalists have also targeted and marginalized Sarfaraz on many occasions. However, one journalist assured the captain that he means no personal harm and stands with him against the hate propaganda. He addressed the nation to be more supportive of the captain.

One user threw a sarcastic comment at journalists for backing Sarfaraz because he’s from Karachi but he was immediately shunned by a reasonable cricket fan. He said that racist people like this are short-sighted who care about their own bubble rather than coming together as one nation

His real supporters were probably heartbroken over this sad urdu poetry.

Google Attempted To Translate The URDU Poetry

Some people could not understand what was written in URDU for which a good samaritan tried to help. She shared its Google translation which failed miserably.

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