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Taher Shah Has Finally Come Up with Something Worse than Coronavirus

The “legendary” Taher Shah is back with his song Farishta giving Pakistanis a solid subject to talk about as a distraction from coronavirus.

Almost six minutes long video song despite being filled with flowers, butterflies, waterfalls, stars and greenery is nothing more than a torture to mind. The song is good for only two reasons; first for being a bit of distraction from coronavirus and second for being a source of the fresh supply of memes.

What Taher Shah’s Song Farishta Is All About

Taher Shah of Eye to Eye fame has dropped something really annoying in the form of Farishta. The song seems literal translation of his song angel and also has a clear message for humanity. The visuals and graphics look like those baffling lockdown effects world is experience during coronavirus.

Despite, the good intent and an apparent attempt of using eye appeasing animations the video is nothing more than a burden to eye and ears.

This meme simply sums up the reaction of folks who have come across this song.

It is also making this Fawad Rana meme so relatable.

The song is something not really what a song should exactly have been but it has given people another option to keep themselves busy with during coronavirus lockdown; the fact is apparent from the way folks are paying attention to detail regarding different elements in Farishta’s video.

Like, this person has spotted how this horse is not entirely flawless despite coming from heaven.

This is how Coronavirus may react after listening to this song.

In Farishta the singer has shown a regard for humanity but what about angels…? This is not the tribute they wanted to get.

The song is worth making people ponder over the existential crisis.

Well, the situation is indeed alarming and states apparently need to come up with some robust strategy to fight this.

Staying composed and not loosing the cool is not simply an option. Also, folks can’t keep from criticizing Taher Shah just to fear him taking it to heart. The singer doesn’t give it a damn and keeps on coming up with such ‘masterpieces’ despite what others will say.

His repsone to trolls is probably just like this Imra Khan interview.

He Is An Ultimate Entertainer Though

Taher Shah might have failed as a singer but he is still an entertainer; a fact no one can deny. The man doesn’ give something worthy of adding to music playlists but he does offer a plenty of stuff to laugh at in the form of memes, trolls and what not.

His song has simply given people more relatable graphics and that’s what matters to the generation living in memes era of entertainment.

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