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Here Is How Facebook Quiet Mode Is A Relief for Social Media Users

Social media site Facebook has announced all new “Quite mode” which will pause push notification on mobile app.

The company has announced this new feature on his COVID-19 newsroom. It is an attempt to limit the screen time and unnecessary distraction while people are staying at home due to coronavirus pandemic lockdown. 

The social media giant has increased the pace of innovation to meet the needs of new life routine amidst coronavirus. Just recently it introduced Facebook Desktop meesenger for those working from home and via remote communication

About Facebook Quiet Mode

According to statement by the company Facebook quiet mode can be turned on or off by users and even rescheduled depending upon requirements. Users will be able to find this new feature in a newly introduced section of “Your Time on Facebook”.

In addition to Facebook quite mode the social media giant has  introduced time spent on Facebook, and also activity log where users can find out like, comment and interaction with post. It will also be linked to the other buried features including News Feed Preferences and Notification Settings.  

Facebook reports that the new feature will be expected to be live for all iOS users by May with a full Android rollout expected by June.

How Facebook Quiet Mode will Help Users During Quaratine

While the new Facebook quiet mode is useful in all the times in assisting users manage their social media time in an efficient way it is more helpful during the quarantine time. The new feature which will mute or pause most push notifications will help users stay focused on their family and friends during quarantine.

It will enable people to get away with unnecessary social media distractions and to adjust to new routines as they stay home aimed coronavirus lockdown.

Facebook has recently launched Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Center, a place for people to get the latest updates from health authorities.

Quite Mode- A Facebook Feature to Help Fight Depression

The new Quite Mode is the latest effort of Facebook that it  has made for the digital wellbeing of humans. The digital-well-being movement is aimed to find the balance with technology in a way that it helps improve the life.

Smart-phones and applications were not built by keeping in view their impact on the mental health of users in mind, but were rather designed to maximize the time they spendt staring at screens.

Fearing backlash, tech companies including Facebook, Google and Apple introduced more digital well-being features into their platforms. This includes the new built-in screen time controls that allow users to track and limit their time spent on phones and even the time spent in individual apps, like Facebook.

Apart from introducing Facebook quiet mode the social network is also sharing tips from the World Health Organization (WHO) on how people can take care of themselves, stay active, relieve stress, and establish new goals and routines while staying home.

Social Media and Mental Health

According to studies social media use can fuel mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, especially among teens. Quitting social media can help them sleep better without distraction which leads to improveed health and fitness.

Using Facebook quite mode is not the only way to take rest from social media. People can even use digital products to he help sooth their mind. They can choose from bundles of apps available for the metal-well-being which clam them down when they are in depression.

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