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5 Tips on How to Teach A Child to Write

Teaching a child to write is entertaining as well as challenging. Parents need to be polite, patient and tolerant enough to teach a child to write in a well-coordinated way. Usually, children start learning to write before pre-school. Very often parents enjoy teaching their kids any new activity.

Parents should keep in mind that first three to fours years of a child’s life are crucial in early development. Anything that kids face at this stage has a long-lasting effect on their lives for the years to come. Therefore, parents must treat their kids by keeping in mind their psyche.

How to Teach A Child to Write

One should keep a number of factors in mind before starting to teach a child to write. Briefly, applying following tips can help parents to accomplish this task in an effective manner.

  1. Help Them Tighten the Grip

Kids usually have a tighter grip on everything they hold. But, they not always know how to hold something in the right way. Before, parents start to teach a child to write they must begin by working on their grip on the pencils.

2. Writing In Front of the Children

Parents who think that it is time to teach their kids how to write should begin writing before them. It is the nature of children that they imitate elders in almost everything. So, parents practice writing before the kids for making them build an interest.

3. Work on Their Posture

Parents must observe the comfort level of their kids from the very beginning. They should know what bothers their kids while writing. Usually, after the pen’s grip, it is the angle that an arm makes with a hand which can bother a kid. It can also determine the writing style as well. Parents who will that their kids have difficulty in comfortably using the pen should use a slanting surface for writing.

4. Making Kids Connect the Dots

The most effective way to teach a child to write is by designing the dotted letters and making your kids connect them with a pencil. It seems to be fun for kids to press a pencil over dots and complete the shapes.

5. Correcting them in Beginning

Parents should also make sure to connect their children in beginning. Like they should tell them why to not stretch a line too long or why to not keep it too short. Making such corrections in numerics and alphabetical letters are essential because they have fixed universal shapes and must be drawn accordingly.

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