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Tips on Saving Your Android Phone Battery

Your Android phone battery almost always seems out of juice. It is hungry for a charging every few hours. You feel stuck in this unending cycle of charging your Android phone battery. So what can you do to have more standby time?

Useful Tips to Save Android Phone Battery

Use these tips to make your Android last longer.

Identify Unused Mobile Applications

We tend to install many mobile applications that we do not use. Therefore, the best place to start on increasing Android phone battery is by identifying those apps. Many smartphones provide this facility to let you know which of the apps are not in use. Just uninstall these apps from your smartphone.

Apps Running in the Background

Many of the apps keep running in the background. They do not necessarily perform any critical processes. But still, they keep on sucking the charging out of the battery. In settings, you can check which of the apps run in the background. You can disallow them not to run in the background.

Regularly Update the Apps You Use

The developers of mobile applications are continuously working on improving them. Therefore, you need to check for the updates regularly. If any of the mobile apps has got an update, you should update it. This way, you can take benefit of the new changes which might help increase battery timing.

Adjust the Phone’s Brightness

Brightness can have a significant impact on your Android phone battery. Therefore, you must also reduce the Brightness to a more reasonable level. Similarly, new smartphones come with the option to adjust the Brightness with their surroundings automatically. Turn off this option to save battery.

Use Power Saving Mode if Available

Android phones like HTC One and S5 come with the Ultra Power Saving mode. Once you switch this option on, it limits phone’s functionality. Your phone will only use the battery for phone calls, texting, Facebook, and web browsing.

Tips on Saving Your Android Phone BatteryChange the Battery of your Android Phone

If all else fails, it is probably the time for you to change your phone’s battery. You can get many Android phone battery options regarding price. Always go with the original battery instead of spending money on a cheaper version. Please note some phones do not come with replaceable batteries.

What if All Else Fails?

In the last case, if you use your phone a lot. You do not think that these tips to save your Android phone battery can help. Then, probably the right step for you is to buy a battery bank. However, the portable power will let you charge your phone on the go. However, you will have to carry one more item along with you.

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