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Tom And Jerry Movie Is Releasing in 2021 and Fans Are Excited

Fans are head over heels after watching the trailer of Tom and Jerry movie. It is bringing back the 8-decade long cat and mouse game in a new fashion.

The cartoon characters will appear in the real world among real actors with the help of virtual reality. Previously, films like Space Jam, Smurfs and Alvin and The Chipmunks have used similar method of filmography to fuse live-action and animation.

Many production houses are actively remaking classic animated films or series for Hollywood. This remake is inspired from live action Disney movies like the Lion King and Aladdin. Both of these remakes received mixed opinions from viewers.

Tom And Jerry Movie Cast

Beloved cartoon characters were created by William Hannah and Joseph Barbera. Gene Deitch, one of the key animators in the original show had just died this year in April. The film is produced by Chris DeFaria (Ready Player One) and written by Kevin Costello (Brigsby Bear). Main cast includes Chloe Grace Moretz, Michael Pena, Ken Jeong, and Rob Delany.

Fans Cannot Wait To Watch It

Many cartoon lovers were unable to like any other animated show like they did with Tom and Jerry. Even those who don’t like cartoons, are often moved by this series. There is no shame is admitting that one simply loves this cartoon show, if not any other.

It seems like that the animators paid a tribute to the traditional, two-dimensional cartoons even while using Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). Fans of the cartoons loved how each character was created in the show. After watching the movie trailer they were glad that all those beautiful characters returned with the same appeal.

The trailer made fans remember why these characters were special in the first place. Jerry the mouse was known for his terrible cunningness that made Tom’s life a living hell. It shows one scene in the trailer, where Jerry has hanged AirPod in his habitat for music.

The movie might be live-action but seems to contain almost all elements from original animation that viewers felt connected to. Even some characters that appeared for short term, were there in the movie. This has further excited the fans to see how this film will play out.

The excitement led fans to share their favorite moments from the show while they waited for the film to come.

Most fans were confident that live-action film will be a good one because it had wonderful actors that never disappoint. Chloe Grace Moretz is a young American actress, who gave memorable performances in Kick-Ass (2010), Hugo (2011), and If I Stay (2014). Michael Pena is a versatile American actor known for End Of Watch (2012), American Hustle (2013), and Ant-Man (2015). Ken Jeong is a lovable stand-up comedian and actor, who appeared in Knocked Up (2007), The Hangover (2009), and Ride Along (2014)

It is surely an ambitious task to make a whole movie for characters who completed the plot in a 7-8 minute long episode without speaking a word. This is why it makes it more exciting for fans to see how creators will manage to engage the audience longer than that. Perhaps that’s where the live actors come in to keep driving the story forward.

How Tom And Jerry Movie Differs From Original

The trailer revealed that Jerry has come to check in at an elite hotel in New York. For that reason, the staff had to call in Tom to ask for his help with their little mouse problem. What will happen next? Well a true Tom and Jerry fan would know that it will be utter chaos.

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