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Naughty Comments on US First Lady and Justin Trudeau’s Picture

Yet again the first lady has managed to bring the spotlight on to herself in a recent G7 summit called by France. During a photo session at one point, the first lady’s interaction with Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau was seen as a slightly naughty.

The US First Lady Attended the Summit Too

The G-7 or Great 7 summit was attended by the heads of states including Narendra Modi and the recently elected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The reason for calling this emergency summit was to discuss and formulate a plan the raging and uncontrolled fires that were destroying the amazon jungle. The jungle contributes 20% of the global oxygen supply and is often referred to as the earth’s lungs.

The recent G-7 summit was also attended by Melania Trump, the third wife of President Trump, who looked stunning in her red outfit. It was during the post photo-session interaction between the US first Lady and Canadian Prime Minister that gave social media a chance to come up with mischievous opinions.

In past rumors (particularly in Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury) emerged that Melania Trump and Donald Trump are not on good terms with each other.

Some More Naughty Thoughts…

People are speculating about the types of thoughts going through Melania’s head when she was saying goodbye to the Canadian Prime minister.

A situation like these good people generally looks away while others enjoy the situation to the fullest and add as much fuel to the fire.

In the picture, the right hand of Melania can’t be seen giving birth to some funny ideas and theories.

Others Went A Bit Too Far

Being members of the US first family is no easy job as it is all about staying open for the public on opinions related to the one’s personal life.

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