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WhatsApp Hack- Users Urged to Upgrade to New Version

The news of WhatsApp hack is causing concern among this messenger app’s users. Vulnerability in the app is jeopardizing their sensitive data. Whatsapp users who received a call from an unknown number or dropped such are likely to be a target.

What Is this WhatsApp Hack All about?

After finding out about WhatsApp hack, the social media giant has requested users to update their application to prevent further miss haps from occurring. An initial report released by the company suggested the involvement of an Israeli company called NSO group.

The company is renounced for its secrecy and does not pass client info under any condition. According to experts, the company developed spyware that installed itself on to the victim’s phone and started collecting data without the user’s knowledge or consent

How Does This Hack Work?

 During a routine maintenance check company’s personnel in charge of security picked up vulnerability to hack in the early month of May. The suspected victim would get a call from an unknown number once or twice, during the ringing process the spyware would install itself.

The hack targeted all types of smartphone and smartphone operators. Whats app has provided evidence to the US government with sufficient proofs of investigation.

Israeli Cyber Intelligence NSO Group Developed Hack

NSO is an Israeli company and is housed in Herzliya near Tel Aviv. According to media reports the company targets the personnel associated with intelligence and other sensitive professions such as Law etc. The company has so far denied its involvement in any such hack.

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