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WordPress Social Media Sharing Becomes Default Feature

The website gets an update on the social media sharing. Now, when using the website, you can easily share your content and promote it the way you like. WordPress social media sharing options were pretty darn limited from the beginning. The most you could get in social media sharing was the ability to connect your blog to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

WordPress Social Media Sharing from Basic to Advanced

The new WordPress social media sharing is a great leap forward from basic to advanced. Now, instead of just connecting to your social media accounts, you can do more. The introduction of a new section below each post in lets you do all the sharing. Now, you can use the WordPress social media sharing option to make the content go viral once you publish it manually.

WordPress social media sharing

WordPress Social Media Sharing Includes Scheduling

We all know how timing can play a vital role in promoting content online. Therefore, for the ease of those marketing savvy social media evangelists, you can schedule your social media posts. Also, you can get a preview of your social media posts before they get published. By having a preview of the WordPress social media sharing, you can know how will your posts look online. You can also post multiple posts on your social media account without having the need to subscribe for excellent social media tools.

No need to manually connect your blog with the social media accounts online. The only thing you need to do is take care of the scheduling. Scheduling lets you take care of your WordPress social media sharing without having the need to log in every time you need to it.

WordPress Social Media Sharing Better for Bigger Brands

Bigger brands and blogs using the WordPress may still rely on better social media tools since they can afford to do so. However, smaller brands which do not have the money to buy fancy social media tools can now find respite in the new WordPress social media sharing options. Working to Improve its Services is taking initiatives to remain competitive in the sphere of the blogging websites.  The introduction of WordPress social media sharing options is another step in the right direction. The company has already let its users publish on while writing the documents in Google Docs. Millions of bloggers around the world use for satiating their passion for blogging.

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