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World Most Famous YouTuber Pew Di Pie Gets Married

The World’s most famous YouTuber  Pew Di Pie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg has tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend and partner Marzia Bisognin. The couple got married in London and announced their union through twitter.

Pew Di Pie Weds Marzia

The couple met each other through a mutual friend who recommended Marzia to watch one of Pew-Di-Pies videos. They started exchanging email and over the passage of time got close to each other. Fans are head over heels for the couple. It’s about time Pew Di Pie did this as both of the YouTube personalities have been together for more than eight years.

Others are requesting the couple to stop streaming for some time in order to  spend some much-deserved quality time together and not to worry about losing any subscribers or anything else.

The couple has been together for more than eight-year before their decision to get married. For love based Relationships to last this long and end in marriage is a refreshing sight.

Marzia Looked Stunning in Her Dress

Both groom and bride looked stunning in their wedding dresses, especially Marzia the Italian fashion designer and internet celebrity dress was breathtaking.

As a wedding gift fans want to give the newly wedded Felix 100 million subscribers making him one the most influential person in the whole World.

You Can’t Beat True Love

Just a few months back T-series and Pew-Di Pie got into a feud with each other over who has the highest number of subscribers. This feud lasted for months with big tech giant T-Series winning the dispute. For some fans, T-Series may have beaten him in the war of subscribers, but they will never be able to beat him in the war of true love.

Pew Di Pie’s marriage also left several fans heartbroken.

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