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Zoom Video Call Service Is Not End to End Encrypted Reportedly

Media reports reveal  that the Zoom video call service does not use end-to-end encryption, despite making such claims on its website and on security white-paper. Zoom video calling service used its own definition of end-to-end (E2E) encryption and had access to unencrypted video and audio from meetings.

The demand of video conferencing service has spiked amidst coronavirus lockdown and due to work from home policies. Every company is looking for secure and end-to end encrypted service for the continuation of their work.

But it turns out that zoom calls are only encrypted in transmission.The server can probably decrypt the video calls and see all participants anytime .

Zoom Video Call Service Uses TLS Which Is Less Secure

The encryption used by zoom is known as transport encryption. The technology used by zoom to protect the meeting is TLS which is the same technology used by server to protect HTTPS website. This means the connection between user and zoom app is similar to the connection between the web and this article.

Zoom service allows end-to-end encryption to texted chat where the intended user can only read the secure message.

With E2E encryption zoom video call app can access and spy on user’s private call or video meetings and can give it to government or other companies like Facebook, and Google. 

According to media reports t zoom spokesperson opine that that zoom only collects necessary information like IP address, OS details and device details in order to improve the service.   

Response of Digital and Human Rights Organization

Human rights group Access Now has published an open letter to zoom to release the transparent report about privacy policies.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Zoom Experience

Security concerns regarding lack of end to end encryption facility in Zoom video call app have risen after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson shared a picture of first digital cabinet meeting on his twitter handle. Unfortunately the tweet disclosed the ID number which has to be password protected.   

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced severe criticism on using less secured zoom video calling app for Cabinet meetings. This incident brought zoom into fire over security concerns.

Zoom Sued for Allegedly Sharing Users’ Data With Facebook

User who claimed that this service is sharing personal information illegally sued the Zoom Video Communication. According to suit filed in Federal Court in California zoom is accused for mishandling the users’ personal data. The app is being sued on disclosing user information to Facebook without notification and authorization. According to reports the data is probably shared even if the user does not have a Facebook account.  

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