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Apple Removes Iran-Made iOS Apps from App Store

Apple takes action against the Iranian iOS apps. The company has been targeting and removing Iran-made iOS apps. The company removed applications used for services like rid-hailing, shopping, and food delivery.

Why has Apple Removed Iran-Made iOS Apps?

The US sanctions are impacting the Iranians. Apple, like many other companies, is removing Iran-Made iOS apps due to the US sanctions on the country. The company has limits when trying to conduct business in Iran. For example, you cannot legally sell the Apple smartphones in Iran. It is the same reason why you will not find any Iranian App Store.

Dropping Down Payment Options in Iran-Made iOS Apps

Apple, due to these sanctions, told the Iranian developers earlier this year not to use payment options in their apps. The reason is that the company does not want to deal with any money generating from this country, one way or the other.

Snapp, the Uber of Iranians was taken down by Apple this month. The developers got the message that US sanction regulations do not allow Apple App Store to host these applications. Furthermore, the message also said that the App Store could not distribute, host, or do business with these apps.

Apple Removes Iran-Made iOS Apps from App StoreDevelopers Taking the Matter to Social Media

The developers know the loss they have to follow due to these US Sanctions. Therefore, some of the Iranian iOS developers are already trying to create a trend, #StopRemovingIranianApps. The Telecommunication Minister of Iran has already hinted the country legally pursuing the matter.

No Action from Google So Far

Google has already let the Iranian Android developers know that they cannot develop apps involving payments. The company has not taken any such action so far against the Iran-Made Android apps. The Google Play guidelines so far allow distribution of mobile applications in Iran.

A Harsh Stance Against Iran by Donald Trump

Donald Trump takes a tough line on almost all the matters. The Obama Administration did ease restrictions on American technology companies offering services in Iran. The idea was to let the ideas freely flow.

However, Donald Trump has modified the Iranian sanctions. The signing of the bill has made the penalties into law.

Shaparak – An Alternate for Iranians

Iran has developed its online payment system known as Shaparak. The development of Shaparak, in response to the US sanctions, gives an alternate to the Iranian smartphone users. The users can make payments online as well as in cash.

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