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Best Time to Visit Iceland in Year

There is a lot of Iceland information available. You can choose any time between winter and summer. The Iceland climate has extreme winter season. However, winter is harsh with temperatures falling below -30 Celsius. The North is particularly colder.

Still, if you want to visit Iceland, winter is the best time to go. Instead of avoiding the winter season, you must wear proper thermal gear. You can see the Northern Lights which appear between the months of September and April. However, the best months to see them are February, March, September, and October.

Where to Go in Iceland Tourist Spots?

These are some of the Iceland attractions that tourists enjoy.

The Pearl Observatory (Perlan)

The location is one of the greenest places in the country. Estimates suggest that it has around 176,000 trees in it. There are footpaths and bicycle trails. An observatory gives the tourists amazing views of the city. The place also hosts a revolving restaurant. The Winter Garden there also hosts exhibitions and concerts.


It is a cultural hub nearest to the Arctic Circle. It is only 40 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. You can find a lot of fun and entertainment avenues. It also provides one of the best skiing area in the country. Other nearby spots to visit include

Blue Lagoon, Grindavík

The Blue Lagoon consists of geo thermal spas. It is a natural bathing place with pale blue water. Many believe that the water of the blue lagoon has many benefits for the skin and overall health. The underground water provides the perfect temperature between 37 and 39 degrees in the cold climate.

Iceland Points of Interest

There are several other points of interest in Iceland which include the following.

Whale Watching

There are different locations around Iceland from where you can watch whales. The tour operators arrange 2 to 3 hours of whale watching tours. Only Icelanders can hunt the whales but you can order them in a restaurant.


Best Time to Visit Iceland in Year

There are many geysers, thermal pools, and underground springs. They occur due to the volcanic activity taking place beneath the surface of the earth. Many of the geysers are found in Haukadalur, in southern part of the country.

Skaftafell Ice Cave

There are many beautiful ice caves in the country. The interior of these caves is overwhelming beautiful. You can book a trip with a travel agency to any of the glaciers with ice caves. However, always remember, it is safe to enter a cave in winter as the snow does not melt.

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