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Brits Seem Afraid to See Boris Johnson As Prime Minister

After Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation, the Brits are looking to who will be the next in Downing Street. Among Tory MPs, Boris Johnson is the strong candidate for Prime Minister mainly due to his hard stance on delivering Brexit according to its essence. But it seems that Brits don’t to what to see Johnson becoming their Prime Minister.

Even, the headline of an Op-Ed in Guardian read “Boris Johnson- Brilliant, Warm, Funny- And Totally Unfit to be PM”.

Boris Johnson As Prime Minister

The way people are reacting to the chance of Boris becoming the next PM Is worth looking at.

After hearing about the resignation of May, people rejoiced, but their happiness didn’t last long as they realized that Boris could become the next British PM

The departure of Theresa May has come as a shock to her supporters. In a press brief, the second female Prime Minister explained the reason behind her resignation. After talking about May’s meltdown at the announcement of her resignation folks turned their attention to Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson may have performed well as foreign minister, but there is no lack of her critics for his behavioral and moral turpitude as Chris Deerin says it.

For Scottish people, it is just another reason to leave the United Kingdom because they didn’t vote for Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

Rule Must Be Followed

The European Union has rules and regulations that it must follow in order to keep on functioning properly. Any member who wants to enter or leave the union must follow those rules. The appointment of Boris as PM will do little to no good to make the Union agree to the conditions which are suitable to the UK’s interest only.

While others listed the following as a good enough reason as to why one should not choose him as the new PM

if MR Johnson becomes, the new PM England’s future will be very bleak and dark.

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