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History of Bullfighting and Where to See It?

Bullfighting is the traditional sports in Spain that dates back to 711 AD. The game format typically includes a matador who torture and torments the bull through stabbing, eventually killing him at the end of the fight.

The sports is facing sharp criticism from the animal’s rights groups. Many organizations call for the ban on this adventurous game that victimizes animals by making them suffer brutality. Proponents of bullfighting argue that it is just a game and must be viewed in the spirit of sports. They also defend their actions by saying that after execution bulls serve the purpose of food, hence they don’t go useless.

While fighting with charged bulls is a matter of heated debate, there is a whole lot of Spanish locals and tourists who wait for the bullfighting game to begin.

Here is a bullfighting history and all the relevant information enthusiasts would like to know.

How Bullfighting Began?

Spain has once remained a part of the mighty Roman Empire. Due to this reason, few resources suggest that Bullfighting has links with gladiator fights that used to take place at Colosseum in Rome. Well, the first official game marked the coronation ceremony of King Alfonso VIII. Earlier it was limited to the Spanish aristocracy. It was in the era of Felipe 5 that ordinary people began taking part in this sports. The modern game format in which matador stabs and dodges the bull started in 1724. Present day bullfighting games follow the same rules.

Where to See Bullfighting in Spain

Madrid and Andalusia are the most popular venue for bullfighting. Other popular destinations are Pamplona, Ronda, and Seville. Spring to the start of the autumn is the busiest season of these games. So, spectators may have to sit under the burning sun to enjoy the thrilling sport. Bullfighting is seeing a ban in Catalonia parliament in July 2010

Buying the Tickets

The audience can enjoy the game in the best way by deciding on the right seating positions. They can avail three kinds of tickets which fall into the categories of sol, Sol y Sombra, and Sombra. The first category ticket-owner have to sit in the sun; the second one can sit in either sun or shade while the third one can sit in the shade. One can avoid any sunshine interruption by purchasing the sombra, which are also expensive tickets.

Basics of the Bullfighting

Basics of BullfightingThe four participant of the game includes matador (bullfighter), bull, horseback riders, and assistants. The game has following stages.

  1. In the first step, bullfighters march the ring and wave to the audience while receiving cheers in return.
  2. In the second phase, bull makes entry into the ring, the fighter shows him a cape (red sleeveless cloak), to taunt him. Such, show provokes the animal, and he gears up for the fight.
  3. In the third stage, bullfighter stabs the bull to torment him. Horseback riders also make their entry for hitting the bull with blades to ensure that bull is weak enough to not prove a danger for the fighter. Finally, bullfighter executes the charged animal who makes a last attempt to attack his tormenter.
  4. Assistants then cut the throat and take the bull out of the ring on horseback.

In bullfighting, most of the times fighter wins over the bull. According to reports, 533 bullfighters have been killed since 1700 AD. The last man who had to lose his life was Victor Barrio who was killed by a bull in 2016.

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