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Pakistanis Are Making Esra Bilgic A.K.A Halime Sultan Endorse Islam

The Turkish series, Dirilis: Ertugrul, has captured a huge fan base in Pakistan. There are over a million views on its episodes on YouTube. Pakistanis love to obsess over this show and its characters. Pakistanis’ latest obsession, Esra Bilgic is known for playing Halime Sultan in Dirilis Ertugrul. A recent incident revealed a familiar side of Pakistani people when her six weeks old image on Instagram was bombarded with unpleasant comments.


In the captions, a name of a famous German/Turkish artist is mentioned along with the title of this beautiful image. Pakistani people obviously did not get the message behind this golden hour moment and presented their own version of opinions on Islamic norms and values.

According to the legend, Esra’s character is the wife of the lead protagonist, Ertugrul Ghazi. The character is one of the reasons why Ertugrul Ghazi is popular in Pakistan.

Her origins are not depicted in any Ottoman literature nor her achievements for the cause shown in the drama. From the obscure legend, she is known as the mother of Osman 1, the founder of Ottoman Empire.

Irrational Comments On The Instagram Photo Of Esra Bilgic

Once again, some Instagram users have stuck their nose where it doesn’t belong by displaying extreme levels of ignorance in the comments section of Esra Bilgic’s photo.

It is not logical to just assume someone who plays a Muslim on TV is also a practicing Muslim in real life. Ironically, many irrational people like to bash western dressing sense but they also love using the tech-applications made by these westerners to harass public figures. Therefore the very manner of criticizing Esra’s attire was in staunch contradiction with these self-acclaimed custodians of Islam.

Trying Hard In English

Let’s have a look at the comments about Esra’s dress being inappropriate.

“My halime you change muslim to christan? Why bad cloth astaghfrullah. This is ramzan. I am not belive my eye. I watch u so much drama. U butiful in darama not butiful online. I luv frum pakistan♥️♥️♥️♥️i come turky met u ok. Eywallah.”

Without a doubt, the award for most mindless comment goes to this one. Apparently the account looks suspicious and the comment does have a probably sarcastic take to reflect the general perception of these critics.

But it holds an embarrassing truth. People think that only Christians can dress boldly. This is not even bold for these actors, it’s their normal  dressing which is being exaggerated by these people. People in elite societies of Pakistan and in Bollywood movies wear more revealing clothes than this.

Furthermore, the person continues to express his admiration for the actress and wishes to meet her while apparently she was offensive to his religious beliefs. Where are his beliefs now when he wants to commit a non-marital date? (the comment might be a parody but it does depict this very mentality).

Expecting The Actress To Play Her Character In Real Life

“Mashallah but wear dressing is not as per Islam we love you form Ertugral Gazi drama please be same as in drama” just another comment on Esra Bilgic’s Instagram.

Well, Esra must be worried for seeing fans this demanding and this hypocrite. In one way they admire her beauty and in other way they are asking her to cover that beauty. Don’t these fans seemed so confused?

Someone Who Thinks He Knows So Much About Islam

“Astaqfirullah are you really Muslim women please read the Quran what Allah about body showing in women i respect you because you contribution of artugrul gazi as a islamic women nature but now…”

Another account who could not even spell his name and Allah right, wants to express his Islamic prowess over the actress. This person is clearly in contradiction with himself, he watched a character on TV and respected that character but when he saw the actress live, instead of appreciating her performance, his immediate attention went towards the clothes. This is not the definition of respect, he is simply contributing to harassment.

If Esra was a Pakistani the comments would have been like “Is This Islamic Republic of Pakistan”?

Now may be they just want to say that is it the same Turkey that was once an origin and centre of the glorious Ottoman Empire?

What Is So Wrong With Such Comments?

Actors like Esra Bilgic and also those from showbiz world are immune to trolls, haters and such critics. They are just concerned with their work and popularity and not what others say about their lifestyle and personal choices. But these comments actually reveal something worrying about the those who have made them in first place. This worrisome thing has to do with irrationality and lack of touch with reality of the viewers who are spending hours in drooling over good-lucking Turkish women and flawless hero who also appears to be living for Islam and not for personal motives.

The very inability of these fans to separate facts from the fiction and lack of tolerance for “their celebrated hero’s” lifestyle choices is something that should cause a concern.

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