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Fascinating Facts about the Human Body

A lot of surprising things happen to the human body in a fraction of seconds that people are just not aware of. How often a human blinks his eyes; what are the other uses of minerals found in human body; what are the sleep patterns; what is the mind’s capacity to store information and  how fast the nerves can transmit the signals to the brain; these are the questions whose answers are not less than fascinating facts.

Comprehensive knowledge of human body can make a person believe in his power.

Fascinating Facts about Human Body

Many creatures in the world are much surprising. For example, there are many interesting facts about Dolphins. But, the human body is also no less than a wonder. Every component and part of the human body including blood, brain, muscles, body cells, hair, nails, and many others possess the fascinating facts. Let’s have a look at few surprising one.

Exciting Facts about Human Hair

  • Facial hair grow more rapidly than any other part of the body.
  • One human hair continues to live for 3 to 7 years on average.
  • Hair of a person can grow up to 725 kilometers if allowed for the entire lifespan.
  • Hair growth rate doubles during an airplane flight.

Facts about the Human Skin

  • An average human body replaces its skin 1000 times in entire life.
  • A person loses 4kg of skin cells in a single year.
  • Almost 32 million bacteria reside in human skin, but very few of them are harmful.

Fascinating Facts

Amazing Facts about the Blood

The mechanism of blood quantity and its transport in the human body is baffling.

Here are the few of the fascinating facts about it.

  • The heart pumps the blood strong enough to lift it up to the fourth floor.
  • Length of entire blood vessels in the body measured up to 1000km.
  • During an average lifespan of a human being, heart pumps almost 180 million liters of human blood. Blood vessels can encircle the Earth’s equator four times if they are conjoined end to end.
  • Blood makes up for the eight percent of body weight.
  • A sunburn also results in burning of the blood vessels.

Fascinating Facts about the Heart

  • Heart of a woman beats faster than that of a man.
  • Every person’s heart equals to the size of his fist.
  • Research reveals that people are more likely to suffer from a heart attack on Monday than any other day.
  • The Heart beats over a billion times, during the first 13 years of a person’s life.

(Credit – LEMMiNO)

Facts about the human eye

We all know that it is impossible for human beings to sleep with the eyes open. But, there are a lot more interesting facts about the eyes.

  • Eye cornea is the only part that doesn’t receive blood supply. It gets its oxygen from direct exposure to air.
  • Eye size remains the same as the one on time of birth.
  • Eye muscles complete almost 100,000 movements for staying focused. A person can walk nearly 80 km, with the same moves of leg muscles.
  • A human eye can distinguish between up to 7.5 billion colors.
  • Most of the babies are born with blue eyes. The real color of the baby reveals eye exposure to UV light.
  • Women blink more than men.
  • People who have blue eyes are more likely to sense pain than others.
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