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Top Five Ways to Increase Blog Outreach

Why would you like to increase blog outreach? Besides the monetary benefits, you want to establish yourself as a blogger within your niche. Also, you need to build a rapport with your readers. For you to reflect your brand of writing, you need to come up with ways to spread the word about your blog.

Ways to Increase Blog Outreach

Here a few simple tips to increase your blog outreach and reach more audiences. By increasing your blog’s reach, you will be able to have more impact on your readers and spread the word to farthest corners of the internet.

  1. Establish Personalized Relationship for Guest Posting

When you reach out to any new blogger, you need to establish a connection. Do not use a custom-made email template. Instead, focus on writing to them as if you want to become a friend. You need to find out more about their blog and then come up with suggestions to collaborate with them on guest posts. However, for achieving this kind of collaboration, you need to understand what they may or may not like carefully. Once you have a connection, now, you can ask them to publish your content.

  1. Increase Blog Outreach by Giving Space to Others

Sometimes, you do not feel the urge to write anymore. You do not want to continue writing because you are not able to find any interesting topics. Even if you think you are doing a great job, still guest posting is not a bad idea. Add a “write for us” section on your blog. We all know the kind of crappy and copied content that people submit. Therefore, you need to mention your policy on plagiarism in the editorial guidelines explicitly. Give other bloggers a chance to write for your blog. Similarly, you can reciprocate by writing on others’ blogs, unique, original, and engaging content for their readers.

  1. Host Blogging Contests Whenever Possible

Some bloggers organize blogging contests to increase the interest of their readers as well as prospective writers. Besides helping to increase blog reach, there are many other advantages of holding the competition. The first, you can spread a word about your blog, improving know-how about your website. Second, it will help you attract more audiences from different blogging niches. Third, you can expect to get high-quality content and learn something new to implement on your site.

Top Five Ways to Increase Blog Outreach

  1. Use Visuals to Increase Blog Outreach

Many websites accept visual content. The visibility is making a tremendous impact on the content. One typical example is Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can create a free account and spread the word about your niche. For example, if you are providing career services, you can create an infographic on the recruitment process. Thus, you can share your knowledge about the recruitment industry in a professional manner.

  1. Try New Yet Relevant Topics

Sometimes, we stop thinking out of the box. The focus starts to become narrower when we try to specialize in a particular subject. This approach may work for some bloggers, but for others, it means losing the readers fast. Thus, you may need to spread the range of topics that you cover. For example, if you are covering smartphone cameras but only writing on the specs, you may think of writing on the lens. For example, a blog post on Carl Zeiss getting featured in the upcoming Nokia smartphones would be a definite change. When you are thinking of adding a new category, keep your audiences’ likes and dislikes into perspective so that you may not stray away too far.

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