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What is Halal Meat and Food?

Halal, an Arabic word, means permissible. So what is halal food? The halal food is the one that is permissible under the principles of Islam as mentioned in the holy book Quran. Halal meat has to abide by the Islamic principles. 

Is All Chicken Halal?

No, all chicken is not halal. So, what is halal chicken? Halal chicken is slaughtered as per the teachings of Islam. In the religious terms, it is also known as dhabiha. The person slaughtering the animal cuts through its jugular vein, windpipe, and carotid artery. The same applies for mutton and beef. Muslims can only consider it permissible to eat if it follows the rules of slaughtering in Islam.

Benefits of Halal Meat

Here are the advantages of eating halal meat.

Good for Health

There is an increasing trend of unsafe foods available out there with contaminations in it sickening the people. For an animal to be considered permissible, it must have lived as per the rules of Islam. It includes a kind treatment to the animal from the farm to the market. Similarly, there are rules of sacrificing the animal that a Muslim has to abide. Otherwise, it will not be considered permissible and not fit for consumption. One cannot be able to see all these aspects of the flesh when buying meat off the shelf. Therefore, the rules of Islam in sacrificing the animal help the eaters trace the source and it is healthy to eat.

Better for the Animal

Islam asks the slaughterer to use the name of Allah in slaughtering. The animal goes in the name of Allah. Besides that, the use of a sharp knife ensures that it quickly passes through the jugular vein. The sudden rush of blood out of the animal’s body gets the toxins out of its system. The rushing of the blood out of the body also helps improve the meat’s taste. On the other hand, the use of stunning causes the animal to produce lactic acid, negatively impacting the taste. Halal meat is more gentle and stays fresh for a longer amount of time.

Only Health Animals Come for Slaughter

The health of the animal is something that Islam considers of primary importance. For example, in stunting, the health of the animal does not come as a priority. However, in the Islamic method of animal slaughtering, health becomes pivotal.

What is Halal Meat and Food?For example, animal slaughtering at Eid ul Azha needs to have a healthy animal. If the animal is not healthy, it will obviously not be acceptable for sacrifice. Therefore, the weak animals do not come under the knife, a condition that comes as a default.

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