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How to Make Hand Sanitizer at Home with WHO Formula

When it comes to the prevention from coronavirus, one must listen to the doctor,   wash their hands frequently for about 20 seconds,use WHO (World Health Organization) formulated hand sanitizer, and wear mask.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the demand of hand sanitizer has soared. Situation has reached a point where it has become difficult to find a hand sanitizer at super market or at drug store.

Here is a solution, people can make their own hand sanitizer at home with WHO recommended recipe.

Hand sanitizer at home with WHO formula

The formula for hand sanitizer local preparation given by World Health Organization (WHO) is in the light of logistic, economic and religious factors which can be used worldwide. The only alcohol based hand sanitizer can effectively inactivate the potentially harmful microorganism on hands.  

Hand sanitizer at home with WHO formula is so easy; only 3 ingredients are required to make it.

Required Chemicals for Hand Sanitizer as Per WHO Formula

Ethanol 96%

 Hydrogen peroxide 3%

Glycerol 98%

Sterile distilled or boiled cold water


Glycerol is only used for skin care purpose.

Hydrogen peroxide is used to inactivate the bacteria that are contaminating the solution.

Required Apparatus

10-litre glass bottles with stoppers

 50-litre plastic tanks (preferably polypropylene or high density polyethylene)

Stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 80–100 liters

Wooden, plastic or metal paddles for mixing

Measuring cylinders

Plastic or metal funnel

100 ml plastic bottles

500 ml glass bottles with screw tops

 An alcoholmeter to determine the amount of alcohol in fluid

Required amount of Chemicals

The quantity of chemicals required by WHO recommended formula is

 Ethanol 96%: 8333 ml

Hydrogen peroxide 3%: 417 ml

Glycerol 98%: 145 ml

Step by Step Process of Preparing Hand Sanitizer

The amount of alcohol mentioned in a formula is  poured into large bottle up to the graduated mark

Add measured amount of hydrogen peroxide.

Then add measured quantity of glycerol. As the viscosity of glycerol is high so make sure all the quantity sticks to the measuring cylinder and  go into the solution. For this purpose wash measuring cylinder with distilled water or cold boil water and emptied the cylinder in solution. 

Add 10 liters of distilled water or cold boiled water in alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and glycerol solution.

After adding water immediately cover the bottle with lid to avoid evaporation.

Now mix the ingredients by either gentle shaking of bottle or using paddle.

Now transfer the finally prepared solution into bottles and place it in quarantine for 72 hours before use. This is the recommended time period to destroy the already present spore in alcohol and in bottle.  

The final product should have Ethanol 80% (v/v), Glycerol 1.45% (v/v), and Hydrogen peroxide 0.125% (v/v). Verify the concentration of alcohol carefully by using alcoholmeter.

If the concentration of alcohol is not according to recommended concentration then make the necessary adjustments in formula which is allowed. The accepted limits with the formula are ± 5% of target concentration.

General Information

For external use only

Avoid contact with eyes, if occurred wash with cold water

Keep out of the reach of children

Put few drops and rub it against hands until it dries out.

Highly flammable keep it away from fire.

Keep it at room temperature

Keep It In Mind

The addition of fragrance, color or any additives except the ingredients give above is not recommended by WHO. Any kind of gel used in the production of sanitizer is prohibited because it causes allergic reaction. Only measured quantity of ingredients should be used. 

Note: the quantity of ingredients can vary according to the required output. For details you can check WHO (World Health Organizations) website.

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