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Impact of Virtual Reality- Potential Benefits and Harms

Virtual reality (VR) is not an alien phenomenon any more. Particularly, gaming enthusiasts who are obsessed with VR headsets are very well aware of its uses. But, this technology has its implications. The impact of Virtual reality is wide and attention worthy, given its popularity among the masses.

Just like other innovations there is a need to look at pros and cons in order to utilize this technology in a proper way.

What is Impact of Virtual Reality?

In order to fully comprehend VR, first of all let’s have a look at what it is all about. Virtual reality uses technology to create an immersive experience of any phenomenon which is much near to reality. For this purpose we take the example of a video game. A person who is using a VR headset to play a video game can feel as if he is personally interacting with the characters. But, this is merely an example. Impact of virtual reality is not limited to gaming; instead, it extends to other fields as well.

Also keep in mind that there is a difference between Virtual reality and augmented reality; both are not the same.   

The History of VR

 Now before moving ahead with impacts, let’s have a brief overview of the history of this technology. The first device that appeared to give people a VR experience was in 1938 by Sir Charles Wheatstone; he realized that the human brain had the unique ability to present two slightly different images in 3D with the help of a principle he called this principle stereopsis.

Many devices were invented that worked on this principle and were a hit with the people. Later with development of computer technology and arrival of dynamic softwares, VR evolved to the present form.

Potential Harm Of VR Devices.

As time passed VR technology improved and many commercial versions were invented that failed to keep the audience attention. As the case is with all the technologies, there is always some form of risk associated and same is the case with Virtual Reaility

Here are the potential harms of VR.

  • Real World Injuries

Authorities have reported people getting hit by cars because they could not hear the car coming or had ventured out on to the street as they were wearing the VR headsets.

  • Health Issues

One of the harmful impact of VR is to the health of users. Doctors say it may cause eye strain and may increase a person’s chance of getting an epilepsy attack while others say that a person may also develop a wide range of mental issues.

  • VR Addiction

Addiction of everything is bad; it is the one of the reasons that makes smartphones use lethal. People are already addicted to the PC games and consoles. With induction of virtual reality, users will become used to of VR and hence lose a touch with reality.

What Companies Think about the Benefits of VR

Many companies have jumped to defend VR technology and say that no reliable evidence supports this claim and argue that impact of virtual reality of wide range of applications

  • It Reduces Cost On Training

VR has proven very useful is training pilots as they can be trained in the best way with minimal expense

  • Can Help Save Lives

Companies are working on a system that can be used to save lives by guiding people in performing medical procedures in remote or places where doctors are absent.

  • Reduces Construction cost

By providing a 3D image to the builder, it makes it easy for them to understand.

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