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iPhone X – Success or Failure

iPhone X remains a thorny topic of discussion. Everywhere we see tech geeks discussing and trying to decide if iPhone X is a success or a failure?

Here is what we think of the new iPhone X that many consider as Apple’s biggest gamble to date.

iPhone X – The Big Pluses

The massive new changes that make iPhone X a much better smartphone.

A Powerful Front Facing Camera

The new camera is loaded with upgraded sensors and parts which make it the coolest on any smartphone. Use the animal emojis to share fun messages in your voice with all your expressions transposed to some other creature.

Some goodies in the front facing camera include an ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, flood illuminator, and a 7-megapixel camera.  The use of TrueDepth technology adds some neat tricks to your video-making capabilities.

Face ID

Yes, Face ID is not as perfect as we would have liked regarding security. However, Face ID is a step in the right direction. Apple has to make some changes before Face ID becomes as efficient as Touch ID. Albeit, Face ID increases the quality of human interaction with smartphones.

Any newly introduced technology takes time to perfect. For example, initially, there were apprehensions about the use of fingerprint scanners. However, now we rely on them as a safe way of securing a smartphone.

The New Face Mapping Concept and Video Emoji

The use of 3D mapping sensors and front-facing cameras enables the users to create fun Animojis. The use of TrueDepth components showcases how Apple uses hardware and software combinations to make its products more interactive.

Animojis imitating our facial expressions set new standards in the industry for other smartphone makers to follow. It may take years for other smartphone makers to come up with this kind of hardware and processing capabilities.

iPhone X – Success or Failure

Things People Don’t Like About iPhone X

It’s Expensive

Some wonder if the X in the name stands for more expensive. We know innovation costs money, and you would have to get the money back as an investor. The phone starts above $1,000, making it a pricier smartphone option. The iPhone X  will become more expensive for customers outside the US. Apple fans in Poland, Russia, and Italy will pay up to $1,600 to get the 64GB version.

No Touch ID

Technological innovations sometimes come at a much higher price. Yes, Apple does come under pressure from its competitors to do something new and unique. Face ID is not that much reliable technology to replace Touch ID.

Touch ID had become an important and reliable feature for the users. They would use Touch ID to make their phones secure. The new iPhone X buyers will have to buy a phone that relies on Face ID technology that needs a lot of improvements.

Has iPhone X Killed iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus?

To many, who have been waiting for iPhone 8 or the Plus version, they now want to switch to the X instead.  The Apple’s strategy is working in part as it battles to overcome supply chain issues. However, the approach may not work much into the favor of Apple. Since a drop in sales would have a significant impact on the fourth quarter earnings of Apple. Since shareholders care a lot about the profits a company is earning, it can prove to be a massive gamble. Furthermore, it may also impact the sales of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

So Should You Buy iPhone X?

Well, it all depends on you. If you are choosy about the minutest details and care a lot about the money you are spending, then you need to rethink. However, if you need to buy one of the best phones smartphone market has to offer, then go for it. Yes, there are improvements required to make iPhone X perfect. You will still be ahead of the curve when it comes to using the latest smartphone.

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