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Javed Ghamdi Points Out Evils Other Than Women’s Immodest Dressing

Shahzeb Khanzada interviewed Islamic scholar Javed Ahmed Ghamdi in show Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath. The show was widely debated on social media since the anchor raised questions on what was the link of women’s immodest dressing with natural disasters like pandemics. He argued that history proved that human beings have controlled the diseases through innovation in medical science and vaccines and not by focusing on how it was necessary for women to dress modestly.  To which Ghamdi replied that he didn’t know why women’s immodest dressing becomes the center of attraction when they talk about social evils.

Javed Ahmed Ghamdi on Women’s Dressing and Pandemics

While commenting on the clerics’ opinion about women the reason for calamities, Ghamdi stated that natural disasters did not discriminate between gender, good and bad. They also don’t see mosques or Harmain. They occur as per Allah’s law. This phenomenon had nothing to do with a particular gender. He added that people ignore major sins in a society like Fraud, dishonesty, ridiculing, backbiting, and badmouthing others.

This Pandora box opened after a well-known preacher of Islam Maulana Tariq Jamil allegedly blamed immodest women for pandemics. He also targeted media houses of lies during his prayer in a live Telethon with Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. The wording of Maulana Tariq Jameel’s prayer was such that It made people believe as if he held immodest dressing by women as a reason for coronavirus pandemic.  Later MaulanaTariq Jamil in a show of the veteran journalist Hamid Mir had apologized if his remarked had hurt anyone. He stated that he was not intended to target any gender or institution.

Reactions on Javed Ghamdi’s Point of View of Social Evils in Society

Many social evils like arrogance, cruelty, brutality, abuse, and cruelty towards women, children, animals, and elderly people, and many more are common in society. People are questioning why these issues did not bring the wrath of Allah.

About Javed Ghamdi

Javed Ahmed Ghamdi is a Pakistani Islamic scholar and educationist. Ghamidi has written many lectures on the Quran and Islamic law in aspects of Islam. He also founded Al-Mawrid Institute of Islamic Sciences and is the chief editor of the Urdu Monthly “Ishraq” and the English Monthly “Renaissance”.

Javed Ahmed Ghamdi commented on clerics’ opinion about women the reason of calamities.

His View of Major Sins

They are considering Ahmed Ghamdi a sensible scholar who has different opinion which doesn’t suit the sick minds.

Javed Ahmed Ghamdi has been living in United States from past few years because he received many death threats.

Ghamdi who is a popular scholar among a particular faction in Pakistan also got the sympathies of people on social media. As Meshal Malik pointed out that when voices like Ghamdi were forced out of country then arguments like this prevails. That is the unfortunate reason why women are scapegoat.

There was also criticism of PTI supporters who blindly backed Maulana Tariq Jamil because they were not critical thinkers and only because he praised the government on National TV.

Islam is very simple Deen and there is no science required to understand these issues. People considered that Ahmed Ghamdi represents Islam in an acceptable way.

Islam is very logical religion

Javed Ahmed Ghamdi just obliterated Tariq Jameel’s theological quackery

Parliamentary Leader PPP Senator Sherry Rehman supported Javed Ahmed Ghamdi’s views.

Former Parliamentarian Saman Jafri opinioned this was the reason Ghamdi sb had to leave Pakistan because either the voices silenced or driven out.

The YouTube artist and famous rapper Ali Gul Pir stated that we don’t value education we value theatrics and fiery speeches.

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