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Latest Pictures of Anushka and Virat Are Too Adorable to Ignore

Recently, the famous Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma posted a photo with her husband Virat Kohli the renowned Indian cricketer. She captioned it with a heart emoji that shows the affection a couple should have towards each other. Millions of people reacted to the latest pictures of Anushka and Virat; the celebrity couple is famous since their relationship went public and became a centre of attention after they got married.

The fans of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have always cherished their bond as a couple. Both personalities are among the favorites of people in India along with several other countries. A few months back, the couple posted a picture that revealed Anushka’s pregnancy. Anushka tweeted about it while expressing her happy thoughts through the picture. The fans and some celebrities congratulated them, as Anushka and Virat were expecting their first baby

What Is So Special about Latest Pictures of Anushka and Virat

Now the specialty of the latest picture of Anushka and Virat: Many of Virat Kohli’s fans would know that November 5th is his date of birth of the Indian cricketer. Furthermore, Anushka Sharma posted this lovely picture three days ago supposedly after the celebration of her husband’s birthday. It spread a joyous message, which probably depicted their love for each other. Many other Bollywood actors reacted to Anushka’s Instagram post to show love and affection towards them.

Celebrities and cricketers including Chris Gayle, the West Indies cricket player, also wished Virat on his birthday to make the occasion special. He also encouraged Virat to win the RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) trophy. 

Social Media Sensation: 

Seemingly, the Latest picture of Anushka and Virat is a representation of their ever-growing love. Their fans loved them when they were just separately entertaining the world. However, their devotees are more inclined towards them after their marriage. The couple is now the social media sensation because the admirers are always excited to see them. Likely, this supposed obsession of people started with Virushka’s wedding in December 2017.

Nevertheless, these fans along with many trollers never leave a chance to make memes whenever there is something funny regarding both of them. For instance, the memes on Anushka Sharma after her one serious scene from the movie Sui Dhaaga went viral; well, that was something separate and only exclusive to Anushka’s career. The real fun of the fans was the couple’s honeymoon picture that went places on the internet with some different backgrounds.

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