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Madrassa Teacher Arrested for Beating the Kid

A cleric in Hyderabad has been arrested reportedly, for thrashing his students with the hunter for not attending the seminary. According to media reports, police took action after video of Madrassa teacher brutally beating the kids went viral on social media.

Notables celebrities like Shehzad Roy shared the video on Twitter and urged authorities to put the culprit behind the bars.

The arrest of Madrassa Teacher After Viral Video

Authorities took action after many social media users shared the viral video of Madrassa teacher beating his students.

It can be seen in the video that a cleric who is probably the madrassa teacher is beating the students with whips. And, a man who is there to offer prayer is intervening and urging the cleric to stop thrashing kids like this but cleric is asking him to mind his own business.

Where Did the Incident Took Place

According to a Pakistani news website, Express Tribune, the incident took place at Sarhandi Mosque in Masoom Shah colony. The madrassa teacher was arrested after SSP Hyderabad, who also watched the video on social media,  directed Cant police to do so.

Student Shahzaib’s father Ahmed Jan also complained about the incident with Cant Police and an FIR has been registered against the accused under the section 328-A of Pakistan Penal Code. 

The Need to Counsel Madrassa Teachers 

Unfortunately, the incidents of clerics and madrassa teachers ruthlessly beating the students are not new in Pakistan. The main reason behind the ignorant practice is lack of knowledge about modern methods of teaching. The second decade of the twenty-first century is reaching an end still there are teachers who think that brutally whipping the kids is the best way to teach them lessons.

What they don’t know is, their techniques are only good for making them earn a title of sadist rather than the teacher.

Usually, these are seminary students who face such a brutal treatment at the hands of their teachers. Most of the times these students come from a poor background; their parents can’t afford to even feed them and end up sending them to madrassas. They even become disillusioned to think that whichever way the teachers are treating their kids is better for their future. But they don’t comprehend that being maltreated by teachers will only make kids despise their studies. 

Here, the need is to ensure that every kid is able to attend school and receive a quality education from the teachers and not sadists. For this purpose, there should be great emphasis on teachers’ counseling as well. This doesn’t imply to only on a Madrassa teacher but on everyone. 

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