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Reactions to Opposition Leader Hamza Shahbaz Arrest

First former Pakistani president Asif Ail Zardari got arrested by NAB for money laundering and now opposition leader Hamza Shahbaz Sharif just got arrested by NAB on corruption charges after getting his interim bail was rejected by the high court.

Some of the Best Reaction on Hamza Shahbaz Arrest

The internet and social media has exploded with an array of comment and jokes regarding Hamza Shabaz arrest. While political analysts and experts have their own things to say the meme brigade seems to cash on this opportunity to bring hilarious stuff on social media.

Some senior officers of NAB have been after the Sharif family for such a long time, but every time the Sharifs managed to escape in one way or another. Well, this time NAB officers timed it perfectly causing havoc to the family.

The way people are depicting the situation is very funny. To many the NAB is kicking these alleged thugs into a bottomless pit with no escape route in site. Man that’s gonna be a long drop down

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