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Oscars 2017 – What to Expect from the Ceremony?

The 89th edition of Oscars 2017 is all set to stage. And like before, Oscars has always topped all film fraternity award ceremonies held anywhere in the world.

Highlights of Oscar 2017

  • La La land could become the movie winning most Oscars.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda could become world’s youngest person to win some of the filmiest awards like Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.
  • Barry Jenkins could be on his way to becoming world’s first black person to win the best director award.
  • Damien Chazelle could become the youngest person to win the best director award at the age 32.

References to #OscarsSoWhite

Oscars award ceremony has received severe criticism for the past two years for lacking diversity. To some extent, it justified criticism as the majority of the nominees was white people.

The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite trended Twitter, and the jury firmly responded by making changes to diversity voting members.

The new nominations clearly show a change and improved diversity. Many still criticize jury for not being so inclusive of the film crew working behind the camera.

Oscar 2017 To Get Political

Donald Trump at Oscars Award CeremonyDonald Trump is as one of the most controversial US Presidents in the country’s history. Last time, Meryl Streep went all out against Trump without even taking his name.

And you guessed it right, how could Trump resist the temptation of not responding to her?

Here is what he had to say in response.

“One of the most overrated actresses?”

And Trump, you are so wrong about Meryl Streep. If she is such a talentless actress, how come she was able to win the Oscars for not just one or two but three times.

Jimmy Kimmel to Host Oscars 2017

The comedian Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting the Oscars 2017. He is said to have some very famous friends who may be appearing to give away awards to the winners. Many hope Jimmy Kimmel to make a bubbly and fun appearance like he did for 2016 Emmys.


Oscars has a tradition of remembering the celebrities who died during the past year. Hollywood lost several stars in 2016 including Prince, Garry Marshall, Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, Mary Tyler More, Debbie Reynolds, and Carrie Fisher.

Best Picture Nominations

These are the nine best picture nominations for Oscars 2017.

La La Land 

La La Land is a movie about a jazz musician and an actress who struggle to pursue their dreams. They face the dilemma of whether to go for stardom or follow their hearts while in love.



The film is about the life of a boy who grows up in a poor Miami neighborhood. The boy’s mother is addicted to drugs and sexuality.


Manchester by the Sea Manchester by the Sea

This movie screens a story of two brothers. In this movie one of the two brothers’ dies. The other brother, who is a handyman, returns home to take care of his nephew, where he has to sort out an issue he faced earlier in his life.

Lion Lion

Lion is a story of a 5-year-old boy who gets lost on a train, getting separated from his family and home back in India. An Australian family later adopts the kid in the movie.


Hidden Figures Hidden Figures

The Hidden Figures is a story of three African women named Katherine Johnson, Marry Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan working at NASA and responsible for launching an astronaut into space.


Hell or High Water Hell or High Water

In the movie Hell or High Water, two brothers (Ben Foster and Chris Pine) start robbing those banks which have foreclosed their family’s land.


Hacksaw Ridge Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge is a true story about Desmond Doss who first objected Congressional Medal of Freedom. He was able to save 75 men in Okinawa without using a gun during the World War II.


Fences Fences

Fences revolve around a sanitation worker who wanted to become a professional baseball player. His failed attempt at becoming baseball player disrupts his family life and peace of mind.


Arrival Arrival

The movie is about 12 mysterious spaceships invading Earth. The US government hires a linguist to find the reason why aliens needed to come to Earth.

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