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What is the most popular and loved feature of hootsuite?

Marketing and social media are two inseparable entities in modern time. It all works on one basic principle that we promote a product where there is a target audience. So, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube which have billions of users are the perfect place to tell people what you have for them. And, the tool that helps you share your products and services is the Hootsuite.

It is simply your social media manager which helps share your content on multiple platforms all at once.

What Hootsuite Does?

It is a fact that social media marketing can help promote content and Hootsuite is a complete social media marketing solution. It might seem that the tool only helps the business owners who need to tell the world about their products and services, but in reality, it is of much more help to the ordinary users, who are much active on social media. It not only assists in sharing content on multiple sites but also allows saving useful information and articles for reading them in the future.

Before looking at the most popular loved feature of Hootsuite, let’s look at what are its main functions.

  1. Managing Communication Between Departments

The tool is not all about social media. It also helps in cross-communication between various departments of the same organization or various members of the same department.

2. Helps Keeping the Audience Engaged

The real goal of social media marketing is not to get more followers and like, it is to make sure that the audience stays engages and gets the timely reply. So, HootSuite manages the responses to the audience without any delay.

3. Planning and Scheduling Content

Planning and scheduling the content is the one major benefit of this tool. Very often social media admins don’t have enough time to post and share the content on the exact time when the audience is supposed to watch it. Through Hootsuite, admins can pre-plan and schedule posts for future planning.

4. Posting Content on All Social Media Channels

Here comes the most popular and beloved feature of Hootsuite, without any dispute. What most of the social media admins want is a tool which can publish the same posts on every associated account by optimizing them on various platforms. And, the process often requires different social media managers who can take charge of each platform. But, Hootsuite does this stuff on its own. It not only pre-plans and schedules the posts but publishes them on multi-social media platforms.


So, businesses and websites that need to promote their products and services on every single social medium without spending much money on social media management and a separate team, must take help from it.

Managing Promotions

Apart from sharing content with the audience, social media admins also need to promote it for directing traffic to their websites. Here, again they need to take help from analytics and user behavior to do promotions in a targeted manner. Whether it is to promote a post by running boost or increasing the organic engagement, the tool to manage promotions plays its role.


The above-mentioned features of Hootsuite are those which social media users need the most. Apart from these, there are several other features as well. Businesses who want to run promotions in a systematic manner and increase engagement without spending much money must use this tool.

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