Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Sarahah iPhone App Tops the World Rankings

Sarahah iPhone App becomes one of the most used mobile applications in the world. The app currently remains the hottest in regions of the US, the UK, Ireland, & Australia.

The Creator of Sarahah iPhone App

This mobile application defies the odds by not coming from a typical Silicon Valley startup. A developer from Saudi Arabia with the name of Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq is behind the idea. Furthermore, the app is more of a social media network letting you send messages anonymously.

The Sarahah iPhone app is becoming increasingly popular in both English and Arabic speaking countries. The idea that made the app popular is simple, allowing people to share their honest opinions about someone without getting identified. To speak of their mind and not caring about the consequences. In a world of political correctness where we take every word literally, anonymity comes to the rescue of the free speakers.

What Does Sarahah Mean Anyway?

“Sarahah” is an Arabic word. The word means frankness or honesty. The original purpose was to let employees share their opinions about their employers. However, soon Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq realized that the app could do more than providing a way for employees to have their say.

It was when he changed the direction for Sarahah iPhone app, using it for friends to provide “open” and “honest” opinions to each other.

Sarahah iPhone App Tops the World RankingsThe Launch of the App

The developer did not start it initially as an application. Instead, he went to a website. He wanted to have 1000 messages exchanged by the end of the year. However, he could only get two hundred messages. It was when he shared the application with a friend.

The growth of the app saw a user increase from 70 to above 1000 in a matter of few days. His Sarahah app got picked up first in Lebanon and then to Tunisia and then other parts the world. Furthermore, at this time his app is in use by over 3 million users globally. The app is most popular in Egypt with Country-Alexa rank reaching just 104. Similarly, it has hit a global Alexa rank of just under 5000 or 4,846 to be exact.

If you go onto the website, it has a simple layout. The website describes the app as having two purposes. The first purpose is to use it at work. The second objective is to use it with your friends.

At Work

  • To improve the areas of your strength.
  • To work on those areas where you need improvement.

At Friends

  • Let your friends share an honest opinion about you.
  • Discover strengths and areas via friends’ feedback to improve yourself.

Criticism Against Sarahah iPhone App

Despite being anonymous, some of the messages sent are hurting at best. The recipients of the message can only read it and give a rating. They cannot reply to the message they just got. However, the app does not provide you with any way of finding out who wrote it.

Similarly, it is good in one way that identity of the sender remains anonymous. However, it gives a free hand to some users to bully others by sending messages without getting punished. It has led to increase in cyber bullying, a practice that already exists in the web space without anonymity.

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