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Tech CEOs Stand Up For Immigrant Children Separated From Families

Recently pictures of caged children separated from their parents at the US borders are making headlines. The world is calling out the ruthlessness of Trump administration for tackling the issue of immigrants in such a wrong manner. As everyone is condemning the brutal act of enslaving the kids and making them live away from the parents, CEOs of the tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Uber, have also taken the stand for Immigrant children separated from families.

Executives of these companies showed their overwhelming support for the victims and criticized the act of tearing apart the families.

Tech CEOs on Immigrant Children Separated from Families

Co-founder and CEO of microblogging website Twitter, Jack Dorsey, raised his voice for keeping children together.

Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki also opined that it was heartbreaking to see what was happening at the border. She also shared a call to action for those who wanted to help the refugees in crisis.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai also used the #keepfamiliestogether to raise his voice to support immigrant children separated from families.

Tim Cook on Immigrant Crisis

According to Irish Times, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook also criticized Trump for the detention of children. He reportedly said, “Kids are most vulnerable people in society. I think what’s happening is inhumane. It needs to stop.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s Stance on the Issue

When electronic media giants like Fox news are trying to justify Trump’s administration’s policy regarding kids at the US border, it is a good omen to see executives from social media giants speaking up against such brutal acts and making their efforts to keep the families together. According to media reports Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also raised funds to support immigrant children separated from families at US border.

Is Microsoft Supporting the Separation of Children

Amidst the heartbreaking news of Trump’s administration’s brutality with kids, Microsoft that recently sunk its data centers into the sea also got caught in the controversy. The tech giant had to state to clarify that it was not working with U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement or U.S Customs and Border Protection. The company further said, “Microsoft is dismayed by forcible separation of the children from the families at the border.”

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