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Trump’s Fake News Award Winner’s List Takes Servers Down

Donald Trump has taken a jibe at media giants by announcing the fake news awards on Wednesday. He targeted the New York Times, ABC News, CNN, Washington Post and Newsweek for spreading false news against him.

The list of Fake News awards by Trump

The US President used his twitter handle to share the GOP’s observation about the media giants who deserved the Fake News awards. The website, that published the list of winners, couldn’t keep pace with the visitors.

Well, internet users flooded to the GOP’s website to check who won these awards. Perhaps this is the reason why the website went down.

And, how come social media could stop to come up with a hilarious reaction.

Here is a brief detail of what made these print and electronic media platforms in the US to earn this achievement.

Paul Krugman for Predicting the Stock Markets

Paul Krugman of The New York Times is leading the list of Fake News awards recipients for predicting that stock markets would never recover after Trump won the elections. But, his news proved false when DOW Jones industrial average hit a new high of 26000 on Tuesday.

ABC News’s Brian Rose

CNN’s Botched up Report

CNN won the Trump’s self-proclaimed fake news award for an allegedly botched up report on Trump and his son’s access to WikiLeaks documents.

Time’s Report on Martin Luther King’s Bust

Time’s false report on the removal of Martin Luther King’s bust by President Trump also made the newspaper win this ‘prestigious’ award.

Washington Post’s False Report on Pensacola Rally

Washington Post’s reporter showed that Trump’s rally in Pensacola Florida was a failure by showing empty area. POTUS claimed that reporter had dishonestly exhibited the scene before the arrival of people on the venue.

CNN’s News on Trump Overfeeding the Fish in Japan

CNN made once again to this list for editing a video to show that Trump overfed a fish while being on a visit with Japanese Prime Minister.

CNN’s Fake News on Russian Ties

Till now, CNN seems to be a clear winner. This time news channel’s three employees resigned for a fake report about Anthony Scaramucci’s meeting with a Russian. Well, the said-news story was drawn back.

Newsweek’s False Report

It appears that media is keeping a close eye on who is shaking hands with Trump and who not. Same reason made Newsweek earn Trump’s special fake news award; it falsely reported on Polish First Lady not shaking hand with Trump.

Another of the CNN’s report

This time CNN has made to the list for falsely reporting about FBI Director James Comey’s possible refutation of Trump’s claim for not being under investigation.

New York Times Report

According to GOP, The New York Times report that Trump concealed a study about climate change was also false. Well, such fake news was likely to arise given the Trump’s withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement.

The response of Media Giants on Fake News Awards

Trump’s Fake News awards are also facing criticism from various forums. Such a response is because of the fact that all these news were corrected pieces. Hence, there was no point of announcing such awards, unless the purpose was to defend the one’s image.

The start of 2018 has not remained much pleasant for POTUS. He made news with Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury that allegedly exposed his chaotic life in White House.

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