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Pakistanis Back Uzma Khan after She Was Harassed by Malik Riaz’s Daughter

Pakistani actor Uzma Khan filed a complaint against the daughters of a business tycoon Malik Riaz. In the statement, it was claimed that two women broke into the actor’s house with gunmen and instigated harassment and violence. Earlier, visual evidence of the conflict also emerged on social media. It was so verbally and visually abusive that it cannot be shared on this platform. Malik Riaz’s daughter broke into Uzma’s house for having an affair with Usman Malik husband of a relative.

The accused belonged to one of the elitist families in Pakistan with Malik Riaz as the patriarch. He is a realtor who founded the most luxurious housing society in Pakistan, Bahria Town.

Malik Riaz stated in a tweet that Usman Malik was not his nephew. He also threatened to file defamation case anyone who tried to implicate him in the case. But he didn’t say anything about the accusation against his daughters being accused of harassing and intimidating an actor.

Uzma Khan who worked in one of the highest-grossing films of Pakistan Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 stated in her FIR that she was ready to fight as she had nothing to lose. legal setting and appeals for public support.

What Happened Between Uzma Khan And Malik Riaz’s Daughter

Reportedly, Amber and Pashmina Malik (Riaz’s daughters) stormed into Uzma’s house and accused her of having an affair with Malik Riaz’s alleged nephew, Usman Malik then threatened her life.

Uzma denies accusations and claims that Usman Khan approached her and not the other way around. However, the elitist continued to beat Uzma and also tried to force her into accepting the crime. Uzma Khan’s sister Huma Khan was also victimized in the incident.

Media Being Pressurized to Stay Silent on Case?

It appears that Malik’s family is using its influence to ensure that media doesn’t give much coverage to Uzma Khan’s stance. They allegedly ran paid campaigns on social media to malign Uzma and make bloggers speak in favor of Malik Riaz.

Later, lawyer Hassan Niazi who also assisted Khadija Siddiqui in her case posted that Uzma Khan’s show on a private news channel in Pakistan was stopped. He also claimed that FIR was not registered against the accused.

Later, Pakistan’s Minister for Human Rights shared an image on Twitter and informed the FIR had been registered.

More and more people are calling out Malik Riaz’s daughter for harassing two women, abusing them, intimidating them, and then sharing the video on the platform. People from different walks of life are saying that what Amber Malik did was overall reflective of his Malik Riaz’s influence on state influence on the basis of his health.

Many Details Are Not Being Followed Up In The Case

The perpetrators are highly influential with connections at most key positions in Pakistan. They are socially famous for bribing their way into anything.

Many people are still confused about what is the Malik Riaz and her daughter Amber Malik’s relation with Amina Usman and her husband Malik Riaz. Later Pakistani journalist and author Mehr Tarar explained what was the actual relation of these people with each other.

Uzma admits that it will be a tough legal battle because the elite family has allegedly bribed law and law enforcers.

Why They Didn’t Share the Image of Usman Malik

An important question that most of the supporters of Uzma Khan asked was why the daughters of Malik Riaz didn’t share the image of Usman Malik on social media. Usman was the one who cheated on his wife in the first place hence he should’ve been held accountable. But the family chose to intimidate Uzma Khan only.

The behavior also shows how the tradition of blaming women for everything in our society has got a stronghold and how men easily manage to get away with anything.

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