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5 Must Have Traits for a Strong Woman

Let’s suppose we all believe in gender equality and a world where men and women enjoy the same rights. In such hypothetical society, a strong woman possesses the same traits as a strong man. But the question arises, what makes a woman strong in a world where gender equality is non-existent. To reach the right answer, one needs to point out stereotypes that label the women week, vulnerable and unequal human beings in the world.

Given the false notion that women are a dependent creature, let’s have a look at these traits that make a woman strong.

Fighting Against the Objectification

Objectification is a real issue that women face. The fact becomes evident when we look at the advertisements and marketing campaigns where women act as a mere object. Women are also human beings who have a definite will. They have the power to think, create and make a difference in the society. Using them as a showpiece to sell the products or even using their body as a selling item is a disgrace to their purpose of living on the planet. A strong woman has to realize that she has much more to offer other than sex.

Not Depending On Others

Women have come a long way to prove that they are capable of existing independently. In many regions of the world women still need to become dependent upon the male relatives like fathers, brothers, husbands for their living. Such dependence doesn’t come so easy as women have to pay a cost in term of their freedom. A strong woman must have to learn that a necessary relationship with any male member is not crucial for her survival. She must know the art of living life on her terms.

Strong Woman

Embracing Herself Confidently

A strong woman also has to fight against the stereotypical myths of beauty. She doesn’t fear to be too skinny or too fat. It doesn’t matter whether she is white, dark or brown. To emerge as an influential member of the society, she has to embrace herself in any way. First, she becomes confident in what she is and then moves ahead to present the world with her real image.

Strong Woman Doesn’t Play the Woman Card

It is very common for women to seek privileges and special treatments while playing a woman card. But doing so doesn’t make a woman powerful. Using such tactic may be beneficial for her at some point, but it also victimizes her in another way. Even using such tactics at workplace makes them prone to harassment. So an influential woman never uses her femininity as an excuse. It doesn’t matter whether a woman experiences troubles at the workplace or at home, she should try to handle those issues with gender-neutral perspective.

A Strong Woman Knows to Overcome Her Emotions

Another most common myth about women is that their mind rules over their heart. Well, emotions can often ruin the power of right decision making. A strong woman is one who knows when to not overwhelmed by the feelings to decide on a rational basis.

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