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Air India Crew Stole Buffet Food in London

It is indeed a privilege to travel around the world as part of an airline. However, behind all this glamorous life of the airline staff, sometimes things can go out of hand.

A UK hotel shamed the Air India airline crew for filling their lunch boxes with buffet food.

The Hotel Renaissance of London

The Hotel Renaissance is located near the Heathrow Airport. The management of the hotel alleged that some of the Air India’s regularly come for breakfast with empty boxes and on their way back they fill their lunch boxes with buffet food.

In response, one of the airline officials had to send a warning that buffet food is not takeaway. This note was circulated to all of the flight attendants of international airlines. The note also said that the management of Airline would take strict action if it found any of the staff members found doing this again.

The reason given by the Air India staff is the reduced layover time given to the staff. The shortage of time makes it difficult for the crew to take rest and properly eat food. The layover allowances are also very low, making it difficult for the staff of Air India to eat out or spend any money on room service.

The note also mentioned that the management was aware of a small minority taking away buffet food in their empty lunch boxes. However, it seriously damaged the reputation of the airline.

Air India Crew Stole Buffet Food in LondonWhat Should Air India Do?

There may be some staff members who take the buffet food away. Here are a few things that Air India can do to improve this situation.

  • Air India should try to increase the layover allowances of its staff members so they can go outside to eat whatever they want.
  • Air India must also increase the amount of layover time provided to the flight attendants, so they do not feel the urge to steal food from a buffet.
  • Sometimes airlines do not have enough funds, and they cut costs by cutting down the number of employees. Airline must make sure that it has the required human resources to do the job so that it does not have to cut layover time.
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