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Ali Sethi Gets Trolled for Not Producing Originals Like Tahir Shah Does

Famous Pakistani singer Ali Sethi has recently faced trolls on Twitter for singing only covers of popular songs and not coming up with originals.

All this fuss is probably consequence of Taher Shah’s Farishta which was center of discussion among Pakistani Twitteratie. While everyone was busy making memes out of Shah’s new song a Twitter handle of @nadiajqureshi opined that at least Taher Shah’s songs were original and not covers like those of Ali Sethi.

Well, the story didn’t end with the reply from singer; ,In fact it made him a butt of jokes on interent regarding his originals.

Sethi’s critic probably thinks that he is famous only for being son of Najam Sethi and he wouldn’t have been a singer if it was not about his surname. She expressed this while commenting on the statement Shahbaz Taseer who is the son of slain governor of Punjab Salman Taseer.

The Subject of Ali Sethi Trolls

Well, it seems that there was not only one person who had some problem with Sethi becoming famous by singing already hit songs. There was a whole lot that used this opportunity to express what they believed the singer was actually lacking.

The jokes just got out of hand.

So they thought that singer was now overreacting for being called out on not coming up with original work.

On Body Shaming His Critics

Ali didn’t face heat only because of his work but also for bodyshaming a critic instead of coming up with proper reply to the quesition which was posed.

To this a user responded that calling Ali Sethi out for not coming up with original songs was a bit unfair since a singer’s job was just to sing but he shouldn’t have body shamed a person only for being a troll.

People were also surprised on how even being a Harvard graduate couldn’t stop someone from face shaming a critic.

Trolls didn’t seem to take a break.

It’s not been so long since Sethi went viral for pulling off a Khadim Hussain Rizvi and now he is again talk of town for not so decent come-back to a troll.

Was This Really Needed?

All that criticism on Ali Sethi for not coming up with originals and body shaming people on social media apart, there is no doubt in his being a talented singer. He is really an artist who pours his soul in his work and comes up with something (even it is a recreation) which is worth being part of a personal playlist for months to come.

As far as the lack of originality in songs is concerned then it is a crisis of Pakistan’s music industry at the moment. Country’s hit music show Coke Studio which is famous beyond borders is also limited to re-producing the covers of popular songs. In such circumstances criticism on Ali for just rebranding the old hits from folk and classics doesn’t seem much needed.

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