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When is Burns Night 2018? Here is All You Need to Know

Burns Night 2018 is on Thursday, January 25 in the UK. It is an extraordinary event that celebrates Robert Burn, the great Scottish poet of the eighteenth century. The celebration is the significant part of Scottish culture and distinct due to its unique menu and tradition. Unlike the traditional cake cutting ceremonies, Burns’ fans eat a particular dish, known as haggis, to commemorate the Robert Burns.

What is Burns Night 2018 All About?

It all began when close friends of Robert Burns decided to honor him after his death. Earlier, they celebrated Burns Night on July 21, the day when Robert Burns died. Later, they shifted the celebration to 25 January, the birthday of the poet. On this eve, celebrators eat haggis and recite the famous poems by the Burns. They usually start with his iconic poem, address to the haggis or The Selkirk Grace.

Robert Burn’s Claim to Fame

If you have decided to feast upon haggis on Burns Night 2018, then you must know about the poetic contributions of Robert Burn. Due to his masterpieces in poetry, Burns also enjoys the titles like Bard of Ayrshire, Rabbie Burns, and Ploughman Poet. Robert Burns was the pioneer of Romantic Movement in poetry. His creations also inspired the Socialism and Liberalism that emerged as popular political philosophies in the years to come. Perhaps, this is the reason why he is also regarded as the national poet in Scotland. His fame is also evident from the fact that public voted him as a great Scottish Poet. Academics and literature connoisseurs, eagerly research about the Burn’s work and his poetic contribution.

Burns Night 2018

Why Celebrate Burns Night 2018?

Everyone has different interests. Just take the example of New Year’s Eve. Millions of people want to celebrate the event amidst the firecrackers; then, there come those who want to enjoy the ambiance more naturally, like being in the ceremonies like Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade. There is another category of people, which wants to keep its celebration personal. Those who have even a bit of interest in poetry can find solace in a ceremony like Burns Night 2018. Many people must have made a New Year resolution about dedicating 2018 to the literature. For them, Burns Night on January 28 can provide a much likely beginning.

Worth Reading Poems of Robert Burns

Here are few of the notable mentions from the masterpieces of Robert Burns. Read them with a cup of tea, or eating haggis on Burns Night 2018.

  1.    Auld Lang Syne (The famous song of New Year)
  2.    A Fond Kiss
  3.    My Heart’s In the Highlands
  4.    A Man’s A, Man for A’ That
  5.    A Fond Kiss
  6.    A Red, Red Rose
  7.    Address to a Haggis
Need About Haggis before trying it on Burns Night 2018

Haggis is an important part of Scotland’s tradition along with Burn’s poetry. Those who want to read Bard for a soul-enriching experience must know about Haggis before trying it on Burns Night 2018. The dish is not some sweet cake or pastry. It is just sheep’s stomach stuffed with its lungs and heart. So, eating haggis on this upcoming eve can be another idea to make 2018 different year of your life.

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