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Pakistani Journalist Hailed as Press Freedom Hero By IPI

Pakistani journalist and editor of Dawn news Cyril Almeida, has been awarded the 71st International Press Institute (IPI) World Press Freedom, Hero Award. He is the second journalist of Pakistan to receive this prestigious award other than Aslam Ali who also used to work for Dawn News.

Cyril Almeida, The Second Pakistani Journalist, Hailed As IPI Hero

While talking to the media, the IPI Executive Director Barbara Trionfi acknowledged the hard times that fell on Cyril and commended him for his dedication and determination to retain the truth when faced with such odds.

“Despite being threatened with treason charges and physical attacks he continued to fight on” she said, “he stayed true to the cause”.  She further said that to prosecute a journalist just because he asked a few hardline questions to the former Prime Minister of Pakistan is very abusive of the law.

Cyril is Rhodes Scholar with a law degree from Oxford University who briefly worked as a lawyer before entering journalism.

The Reaction Of Pakistanis On Cyril Getting This Award

Pakistanis are proud of Cyril’s achievement and have taken to the social media to express their joy and congratulate him on his achievement.

Many Pakistani journalists feel he truly deserved the award for his brave actions despite  facing  greater odds 

Cyril first came into the lime light when he exposed the rift between the military and civil dictatorship that eventually led to the fall of the government

International Community Of Journalists Are Appreciating Him For His Outstanding Work

Despite all the praise and congratulatory messages, Cyril in a very humble manner gave all the credit to his senior editor.


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