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Tops Most Widely Used Fake Food in Our Day To Day Life

The companies and marketers for years have been trying to find different ways to sell fake food without letting the customer genuinely understand what they are buying. They use different codes like e code or use terms that makes the product feel familiar. Example creamy delight for ice cream.

Some widely marketed fake food Items

Such fake food items are not like dangerous food that have an inherent deadly impact on consumer. But, they are harmful for being artificial and deceptive and offering no genuine nutritional benefit to the user.

Let’s have a look at eatables which are making

 Fruit juice

The majority of the people don’t know that the fruit juices they drink contain a tiny amount of the original fruit juice. Take mango juice for example. For starters, the juice is made from fruit concentrate, and other juices like apple or pineapple are added to save cost. In some cases, the companies only mix fruit flavor or fruit essence in a sugar and color mix. For example, off season strawberry juices are not made from fresh strawberries.

Although there is a way to refrigerate fresh strawberries, but not all businesses care enough.

Dry spice

Dry spice is very sensitive to weather. The slightest change in the humidity can destroy it. So to save themselves vendors at times mix in other substances that act as preservatives while other times add in chemicals that spike the potency of the spices to pass the quality test. In this way, dry spice is just one of the dangerous fake food items associated with gastrointestinal problems.


Who doesn’t love coffee? .All of us enjoy a good cup of coffee especially when its cold. What we don’t know is that the instant coffee we prefer so much may not mostly comprise of good quality Arabica coffee beans; It is often a mixture of different coffee beans, color and coffee flavor companies use to trick us into thinking it is real coffee .so if you want to drink coffee choose whole bean and grind them instead of going for instant one.


You’d be surprised to know that the majority of the honey sold in markets today is not pure honey. In fact, it is a mixture of sugar, water, and artificially prepared fructose. Companies mix these ingredients in different ratios and sell them. Fake honey is known to cause digestive problem and irritate the bowls.

Prime meat or prime stake

We all love a good stake and if that stake is made from prime meat than wow we have hit the holy grail of meats. In recent years restaurants and hotels that serve prime stake have started serving glued minced meat. The butchers or meat suppliers mince meat from different parts of the cow and stick it back together using meat glue; So, it is just another fake food.

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